Inside Rihanna’s 23rd Birthday Party (Photo Gallery)

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Jay-Z Beyonce Rihanna Hollywood 23rd Birthday Party Photos

Remember we told you Rihanna’s 23rd birthday was poppin??? Well here are some pics to confirm that…

Enjoy :-)


  • Nana

    I love the white gal with Jay_Z’s earrings! FAB…..

    • I'm ze true silver hare

      LMAO that was funny.

      Anyways, Happy Birthday Rih Rhi, looked like a good time.

    • ImSoChi

      LMAO!!…plz get out of my head

    • Saved

      LMAO- I had to look twice…that was too funny.

    • speaking of this ish..

      lmfao..Nana u too much had me looking twice..
      that dress rihanna has on would look better without those damn purple tasels..

    • iuirere

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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    • Trisha

      Beyonce is very light-skinned and alway has been. Blond extensions and all she is still black, just like Mary J. Blige when she rocks the blond hair. I here nothing about Mary wanting to be white.

    • Crystal

      Yeah, nobody wants to talk about the 10 red wigs that Rihanna had stacked on her head while she performed, and she has picked up some pounds.

  • Kadadah

    RiRi looks fab as usual!

  • lani3000

    She looks liKE a full grown 23 yr old MESS!!

    • Shannon

      one word for you HATER!!

  • purple love

    I’m planning on going to Atlantic City for my bday n I think jerry Seinfeld will be there soo top that rih rih!!!


    RI-RI looked gorgeous as always.bey on the other hand do something with that wig..calm it down and makes some babies!

  • Getem

    She looks great, jacked up weave and all.

  • KKO

    Woooo rihanna that red hair, and bey that red lipstick. Lord, I’m so sick of all this red.

    • jjjj

      its a bloody mess isnt it….while bey was holding on to jay arm all night making sure he dont deliver a personal present to rhi rhi…the party looked wack…shes was the only one smiling she was happy jay came..cuz yall no b. wouldnt have been there if he wasnt there

  • RMEs

    The only thing that struck me about these photos is her bodyguard was right there (pic 4). Wow, celebs can’t even relax around each other? *kanye shrug*. And yes, I’m aware non-celebs might have been there trying to get at her.

  • TeLl iT liKe It Tis

    wuz with the candy, did they make sundae’s? party looked wack too but she did look good

    • jjjj

      shows how young -minded she still is…she need to grow up…get a check up..and sit down some where

  • Kennedy

    And fun was had by all…lol…

  • Kennedy12

    Oh and Bey needs a new wig and a new look…

  • Blue Kid

    Bey is beautiful, but I do agree she needs a new look. Bey needs to let JayZ go and be with Rihyonce.

    Pre-order F.A.M.E

  • Blue Kid

    I notice those cup cakes has the Barbados flag on them, ROFL!
    You know what it looks like……only Rihanna makes it looks like that, but it’s not……ROFL!

    Pre-order F.A.M.E


    How much ya’ll wanna bet the fringe on her dress will double as her next weave???

  • you asked...

    She looks cute minus the hair on her head and on the bottom of that dress….
    And the party looks lame!!! Not even a lot of people there… Ri.. do better!

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