Update: The Controversial Anti-Abortion Billboard In SoHo Is No More… Not Really Because WE Were Mad

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Life Always Billboard SoHo

The company that approved and put up ThatsAbortion.com’s SoHo billboard has decided to avoid more controversy by pulling the billboard down.

We’re just not so sure they did it because they got why people were upset.

Lamar Advertising has pulled down a controversial anti-abortion billboard that hung over a building in SoHo, the company confirmed to MyFoxNY.com.

The ad read “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb”and featured a photo of a young African-American girl behind the text and a link to a website for a group called Life Always .

The girl seen in the photo is Anissa Fraser, 6. On Wednesday, her mother, Tricia Fraser, said she was shocked that her daughter’s image was used in the billboard

“I would never endorse something like that,” Fraser said Wednesday. “Especially with my child’s image.” Fraser wanted the group to pull the ad.

Two years ago, Fraser brought her four children to a modeling agency to be photographed. She acknowledged signing a release form that allowed the photos to be sold as stock images. But she said she never thought her daughter would become the face of a pro-life campaign focusing on African Americans.

The activist Rev. Al Sharpton cancelled a Friday news conference that he had planned at the billboard to protest its message.

“The billboard was offensive, especially during Black History Month,” Sharpton said in a statement Thursday.

The Women of Color Policy Network at NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service had objected to the billboard and had written a letter to the advertising company.

“The billboard is only one of the many attacks on reproductive freedom and services for low-income women across the country,” said Nicole Mason, the executive director of the Women of Color Policy Network.

We still don’t understand how this billboard even made it up… Or when these same conservative activist types are going to become this adamant about highlighting how many African Americans are dying because of inadequate healthcare in the hood, gang violence, the prison system, HIV/AIDS…



  • kerry

    I am sure all of the white people are happy about the ad being taken down. You guys are pitiful.

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    • CAT EYES

      @keep it real
      Thanks for one of the most intelligent posts I’ve ever read here.

  • mehico boondog

    wanna stop black people getting abortions?? What the hell! Before you know it they will be running all over the place. Bunch of dumb white people. Dont stop having abortions black people. You are a true american wanting to keep the country save

  • MyReason

    I’m pro choice but this was totally inappropriate and disgusting. Statistically, if more black children are dying as a result of abortion(and I don’t know if that is true)there is a away to protest the issue w/o the degradation. The ad isn’t explanatory enough to make a statement so broad-it can be taken too many ways at first glance. I’m glad they took it down-it should’ve never been there.

    • kerry

      Another black woman defending stupidity. We will never do better with people like you.

    • Hajiya

      Kerry , you need o try and ASK questions for a change in your life. When someone presents this type of billboard and then attempts to back it up with bogus #’s, any smart woman, would ask, How was this information obtained? How many blacks live in the states and how many have been pregnant and how many ended these pregnancies. Until , these questions are addresses, this billboard is racist. It unfairly targets a race.

      Show me the Hispanic #’s. Show me the Asian #, Show me the the Caucausian #’s.


  • kerry

    @Keep it real

    Exactamundo. For some women, abortion is their birth control.

  • if anything be noble

    What difference does it make if they put it up and take it down the next day. It’s forever in history now and served its purpose. Folk are clever.

  • 90's baby

    Good. Again if you are single out one group for getting abortions then you better single out all groups. My mom volunteers at planned parenthood and she says its rare to see minority women come in for info on abortions.

  • if anything be noble

    PS. They knew it wouldn’t be up there long.

  • chocolate

    Women of all races and walks of life get abortions even the holy than thou conservative ones when they get their butts in a jam so they have to get rid of the baby.

    • kerry

      You sound like an idiot.

  • Keep it Real

    They should have let him do just that. Protest FOR terminating 50% of all black pregnancies. Some times you’ve got to call the loud talkers bluff. Obviously, that group doesn’t have any black members. If they did, they would have known that this was the perfect issue to challenged these self appointed blacker than thou kings of all blacks. What they would have found out was just how little support Sharpton has on this issue regarding the morality of abortion. Not saying we believe abortion should be criminalized. I’m saying a large percentage of BLACK FOLKS would agree with the bill board and think the number of abortions in the black community is immoral. There would not have been the community outrage he promised and Sharpton would have looked like the sellout that he is on this issue. I wonder how much Planned Parenthood pays him yearly for speaking engagements and donations to his National Organization. Y’all don’t think he can run that organization for free do you. I would bet 95% of his money comes from unions, fringe progressive groups such as(LGBT), The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) a group that advocates citizenship for all illegals and planned parenthood. :twisted:

  • Honey

    I kind of agree with the message they were trying to put out there. Black people we need a strong race we need for the killings and the abortions to stop !!!!!

    • samech

      Are we running out?!

  • whocares


    I’m a black person and I’m glad those disgusting ads are DOWN. Seems like you are the ignorant one. Do you even know which groups are funding those ads. I do and let me tell you they don’t look like me or you. You have been duped for letting opportunistic white folks use black people as pawns for their OWN agenda. Do you think these white people behind these ads really care about black folks. Last time I looked white folks in Congress were trying to COMPLETELY DEFUND any programs or initiatives that would promote healthy mothers and families OR create healthy conditions AFTER the child is born. Kerry, please know ALL the information and BACKGROUND before you post uneducated comments.

  • Ellie

    The billboard should have been kept up. It’s a shame it was taken down. It’s time for all blacks to face the sad truths about our community. Perhaps if they are pointed out clearly more of us will start working to make a difference.

    Also for those who constantly feel the need to bring up statistics regarding whites and other races who get abortions…who cares what whites or others do? They should not be the standard for responsibility, morality, or anything else for that matter. Set you own standards. It appears many blacks continue to see whites as their Lord and masters.

  • Rigchis


  • I'm ze true silver hare

    This ad was ignorant anyways, so many other races, cultures, ethnicities etc. have abortions as well. In fact, I know some white women who use it as a form of birth control.

  • I'm ze true silver hare

    I still don’t know of any black people who’ve had abortions. White women are good at hiding these things, they go through extreme lengths to not let it be known. They go miles and miles even out of state for their abortions.

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