Some Saturday Preciousness: Christina Milian And Baby Violet Nash Looking All Cute And Stuff

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christina milan and daughter violet nash

How adorable are these two??? Here is Christina Milan with her baby girl Violet Nash at some Oscars gifting suite racking up on some random trinkets.

Peep more pics below:


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Too adorable :D !!!
    So loving both baby/mommy outfits too

    • Smart Black 20-somethin Chick

      VIOLET is adorable! She has the dreams cubby face mixed with Milian’s beauty & cuteness.

      the Dream is a BUM

      total black BUM

    • klalov12

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      She doesn’t look well to me. Too thin, like she’s dieting & working out to the extreme. She looked better with the curves she had right after she lost the baby weight.

  • shae shay


  • shae shay

    christina daughter violet is related to nivea daughter navy (half sisters) nivea son is related to lauren london son cameron he is related to toya daugher (reginae)… THAT IS SOOO GHETTO!

    • tweety

      omgg i never notice that…ur good lolll

  • DO SHE??!

    Very cute!




  • Ice Harvest

    @Shae Shay: u made a good observation. I never realized they’re all (pretty much) related in some way until u pointed it out. I got where u were going w ur comment ;-)

    • shae shay

      thanks for seeing where i am coming from! i didnt think much about it either until i open this article…

  • me

    That is the cutest little munchkin EVER!! she looks like a little mocha cabbage patch baby :) Also like her hamburglar daddy too, lol

  • KKO

    christina daughter violet is related to nivea daughter navy (half sisters) nivea son is related to lauren london son cameron he is related to toya daugher (reginae)… THAT IS SOOO GHETTO!
    @ Shae Shay ——I never even noticed that! You are so right, that is OHHH DEEEE ghetto!!!

  • Black, Yet Never Incarcerated!!!

    This was her best out for a comfortable lifestyle. I’m glad C-Milli took my advice and got impregnated by –and even married — some rich guy. Now she has 18 years of guaranteed checks coming in, plus I know she got a nice divorce settlement from the Nightmare.

    I know she would have preferred a somewhat attractive actor or pro athlete, but the competition for those guys is fierce and C-Milli really can’t compete with those broads.

  • cute

    The Dream actually has 3 children by Nivea, he has a set of twins. Who are now stepbrothers to Violet..Wayne need to sit his *ss down somewhere with all these children.
    1) A son by a stripper
    2) An 8 year old son who they just verified that he is the baby’s father.
    3) Violet with Christina
    4) A daughter with Nivea and two twin boys/ a daughter with Lil Wayne
    5) A son with Lauren London
    6) The only one woman that he may have married for love Reginae’s momma.
    Too many children with a steady father in the home. It’s a good thing Trina wasn’t trying to set him up.

  • cute

    4) just one child with Nivea – she has 3 by the dream.

    • justsayin

      3)violet aint lil wayne’s child.

  • Allie

    Awwwww look at her little chubby cheeks, she is so precious, my mom used to dress me up the exact same way when i was a baby

  • daisy jay

    That little girl is too cute. I see both Dream and Christina equally.

    I don’t give Christina too much thought, but I think Violet is in a decent child-raising environment. She’ll grow up to be a decent, respectable little girl. I just hope that Dream makes sure he stays involved in Violet’s life and doesn’t bring his outside world into hers. That wouldn’t be good.

  • anewme

    She is such a little cutie pie! :)


    you know wat im gonna stand up like ri ri and apologize. my humbliest apology to violet most importantly and her parents. She isnt ugly, she is just hard to look at and maybe when she gets older with money and care she can be prettty. i apologize violet has a lot of life ahead of her, she isnt ugly in fact she is the prettttttiest little thing i eva saw.

    • islandgirl

      Fix your face then you can talk

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