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That shady BDR is at it again:

Rap mogul Russell Simmons says he’s not moving in too fast on John Mellencamp’s beautiful soon-to-be ex-wife, Elaine Irwin. Simmons and statuesque model Irwin, the face of Almay, were inseparable at his Rush Hearts Education luncheon on Valentine’s Day at the Plaza. But Simmons told us at the Montblanc/ Weinstein pre-Oscar bash at Soho House in LA Saturday night, “Elaine and I are good friends. We actually went on a date 20 years ago, before she met John and I was at Def Jam.

She is a beautiful woman, a great mother, and we are friends. But at the moment she is still married, so we’re friends.” He added, “I would like to spend more time with her, but I have recently been on tour promoting my book.” Irwin and Mellencamp are divorcing after 18 years of marriage, and Mellencamp has started dating Meg Ryan.



  • ShortStuff

    Yea I bet they are just friends…..sure is cheesin mad hard in that picture with her though but who cares….never cared for his old a s s anyway

    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-

  • I'd DIE for a White Woman

    This nukkah is who i look up to sho nuff u doing the dayum thang Russ

    • foxy lady

      May your mother should have aborted u before u were born!!! cuz u talk crazy!!!!

  • nymphis

    This ni&&a behind her cheesin like we ain’t been freed yet.

    • chaka1

      It’s not about swirl, it’s the fact he is so groooooss! EWWWWWW!!!!

    • aha

      OMG-that comment is SO wrong…but its so funny. Im dieing over here.

      As for BDR, he likes those tall, fair complected models…but after Kimora took him to the cleaners, I have a feeling he’s just looking rather than buying.

  • 7lady

    His azz always cheesin with whitie. His ole Iz so happy Iz can affordz a white girl azz.


    You see tat black women? That’s called REAL HAIR, I know y’all aren’t very familiar with it but maybe you could google it or somethin because I’m getting sick of all these tacky weaves and perms.

    That’s why just about every black man is bangin a becky’s back out these days.

    • CAN AM

      If weaves went away, would you like us?

    • nonya

      You may be unaware of this but women and men for that matter of all races wear hair extensions and hair pieces, furthermore that is the most ridiculous reason I’ve ever heard for a man’s preference. Every time a black man dates outside of his race someone always comes up with something a black woman is doing wrong, maybe he just likes women of different races, end of story. The whole weave thing is a pitiful excuse, white women wear extensions all the time, and if not for length for fullness (becky’s have stringy thin hair).

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

      See that black man? Thats called having a SUCCESSFUL CAREER/JOB and making and having your own – taking care of your woman and children. I know you all aren’t familiar with it so maybe you can Google it or something because I – and many other sistas – are getting tired of broke @ss unemployed whiny @ss black men.. Thats why just about every sista has ZERO respect forthe balck man these days tot he point he has to run to another race of woman who is virtually oblivious to how sorry, pitiful and useless the black man can be in order to get some sort of weak temporary respect or decency until she learns the hard way why the black woman comes off so bitter towards the black man..

    • What?

      Oh nos! Black women are missing out on a gem like you? Just in case you didn’t know, Elaine’s wearing a weave as well.

    • chaka1

      White girls have way more fake hair than us. Don’t be fooled, fool…

    • 1luv

      this fool actually believes white women don’t wear wigs, weaves, and pieces in their hair…lol!!! i have a bridge in nyc to sell your dumb azz too!!

  • that's crazzy crazzy

    @ Nymphis
    Thank you! And would also properly smack down that bogus azz “kriptonight”! Can’t nobody do it like you Big Daddy:-)

  • that's crazzy crazzy

    White man put that on the curb for trash pick up! Nicca eating straight out of white man garbage can.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real


      Funny how 20 years ago she wasn’t interested but now that the white man has told her to get on she’s interested in him now.. It’s just interesting to me because the black man is the first to sday he chose white once he made it because sistas wouldn’t give him the time of day before he did but he can know a white woman has no use for his broke @ss but will always give her that second chance to get with him once he has something.. Whats hypocrasy..

      Black men are sad individuals… LOL!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Holy cow! Have we ever seen him with a woman this close to his own age? I’m pretty impressed by his apparent growth. Maybe he’ll stay with her for more than a week.

  • Ben

    Dont be fooled I know for a fact that Russell Simmons is GAY.I know this because he tried to pick up a friend of mine who is male and pretty.His constant dates are all beards.

    • malatrex

      CO-SIGNING ALLLLLL DAY!!! I have a male friend whom he also propositioned who was trying to break into the music business. I’m wondering when this story is gonna be told.

  • nymphis

    @dahonest truth

    I have no idea what kinds blk men you deal wit.
    But people can only speak of what they see.I get play from all types of females and by choice I don’t get wit wyte girls.I think you’re livin in the country or somethin cuz all I see is blk women wit blk men

    • SayWhat?


      You’re clearly an idiot with a small peCker. Most Niqqas are so triflen that it’s sad.

      I can’t stand Rusted cause he doesn’t stand for isht! That blaque uncle tom sounds just like Elmer Fudd.

  • Abe

    SHE IS FINE so Go ahead with yo bad self Russ, forget these jealous haters

    • foxy lady

      Someone must have typed this for u because u are BLIND!!! She is not fine!!

  • Mr. Watson

    She’s beautiful y not???? They live in the fast lane….. He’s use to it!

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  • that's crazzy crazzy

    Superman hater @ ” kript” yea I said it your PITIFUL!
    Your a physical cripple a skunky trifling PWT white female disgusted by the abuse YOUR family and PWT relatives imposed on you so your TRYING to attach yourself to black man! In Indiana John Melloncamps wife attempted to impose her racist slurs on his black female vocalist she snitched her azz! Even John checked that funky azz and said I wish I could!

  • rene


  • that's crazzy crazzy

    @die for a white woman

    They still killing HANGING niccas for looking at white hoes just take your azz out of your HOOD!

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