Hi Hater: Louis Farrakhan Blasts Rih Rih And White Folks, But Praises The Church Of Scientology???

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The ever-irreverent Minister Louis Farrakhan is back on his bull-sh*t and gives people a piece of his mind about Redheaded Rih-Rih and boy oh boy do we feel him!

No matter how hard you try to like the guy, out of a vague sense of liberal guilt, it never works out for long. What did Farrakhan say in his big four-hour “Saviour’s Day” speech yesterday?

He’s been checking out Scientology lately. He digs it. L. Ron Hubbard is “so exceedingly valuable to every white person on this earth.”

Murderous and psychotic Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi “has always been a friend and he won’t distance himself from” him.

He said the way Rihanna performs is “filthy” and you are “swine” if you like her.

“He warned that non-believers and the sinful would face the wrath of God through high-technology UFOs or ‘wheels.'”

We don’t always agree with everything that Farrakhan says, but damn if we don’t wanna buy him a beer (or bean pie) for keeping it 100 about Rihanna. That b*tch need to get it together ASAP, the “Good girl, gone bad” routine is about as played out as her punanny.

Caption this.



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