Hi Hater: Louis Farrakhan Blasts Rih Rih And White Folks, But Praises The Church Of Scientology???

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The ever-irreverent Minister Louis Farrakhan is back on his bull-sh*t and gives people a piece of his mind about Redheaded Rih-Rih and boy oh boy do we feel him!

No matter how hard you try to like the guy, out of a vague sense of liberal guilt, it never works out for long. What did Farrakhan say in his big four-hour “Saviour’s Day” speech yesterday?

He’s been checking out Scientology lately. He digs it. L. Ron Hubbard is “so exceedingly valuable to every white person on this earth.”

Murderous and psychotic Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi “has always been a friend and he won’t distance himself from” him.

He said the way Rihanna performs is “filthy” and you are “swine” if you like her.

“He warned that non-believers and the sinful would face the wrath of God through high-technology UFOs or ‘wheels.'”

We don’t always agree with everything that Farrakhan says, but damn if we don’t wanna buy him a beer (or bean pie) for keeping it 100 about Rihanna. That b*tch need to get it together ASAP, the “Good girl, gone bad” routine is about as played out as her punanny.

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  • Amber


    • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

      Prove it!

    • Reality

      @Farrakahn repent and believe in the Gospel…time is approaching fast.

    • T3P

      How do you know all black americans like him? Stop trying to group us all as one. But on Farrakhan, he was so relevant in the 60s-80s, but now just seems irrelevant. He is a good speaker though.

    • klalov12

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      Rhianna is Gutter Trash. I am sure her PR will try and clean up her image. She is has a stank attitude to go with her stank cooch.

    • double standard

      No you are only out for yourself. You are projecting your inner-self onto the minister! He hit the nail right on the head about Rihanna’s gyrating and graphic nonsense performances!

    • Thaddious

      Amber, you could go to an NOI mosque every day for a year without paying a dime.

      Are they trying to get something from you or for you?

      Wake up!

      That’s just ignorant, what you said. You’ve CLEARLY never been. What is he out for?


      See now, he’s calling Rih filthy yet he has pictures with supa-head. Geeeeeh the fck outta here! FACT! Google it

    • http://bossip.com lilylooking


    • vicelord wit love

      amber u a racist redneck, dont ask us that damn question

  • Shanice

    He’s right about Rih Rih. But why are religious people always the most judgmental ones?

  • daresay


  • Nana

    I don’t like Rihanna but callin her a Swine is a lil harsh!

    • CAN AM

      He said that you are swine if you like her. He was very careful to not offend her, just her fans.

  • Nik

    This man is ridiculous. You are actually ‘swine’ if you take anything he says seriously. He’s going to bust Hell wide open.

    • David

      Did you hear the lecture or have you heard any of his lectures for that matter? Or are you doing what countless other do and regerjitating something you heard or read? I believe it’s the latter because I can’t see a conscience person whose heard him speak in entirety not take anything he says seriously.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    But he likes Beyonce.That’s all Ill say about Mr.Farrakhan

    • David

      Where are you getting this from? Please site a lecture where he said what she does is, okay. And that is all I’ll say about that.

    • double standard

      @Aha, Ciara actually dances on stage that is quite different from that oversexualized nonsense that Rihanna does. She prances around showin her tail while rolling her little “keke” all over the place. Ciara does carefully choreographic steps when she peforms.

  • Henri

    Omg! I dislike religious types like this. they really need to get a life. why is he worried about a performer?? plus black people don’t listen to her music anyway

    • TOO REAL

      Black people dont listen to Rihanna? They probably wouldnt if she wasnt forced down our throats with B.E.T and Black radio.

      Yea they dont listen to willingly but by force and brainwash… They listen. WHERE THE HELL YOU BEEN?

  • daisy jay

    Whoever likes her is SWINE!? Now that was pretty rude. I’m glad that somebody sees through Rihanna, but there’s some things that you just don’t say. She may be dirty, but she doesn’t disrespect anybody. I hold onto that 1 brownie point I have for her because of that.

    What did he say about scientologists? Valuable to white people?! Uhhhhhhhhh………..

    Now people like him make the rest of us “religious” people look bad. I am a Christian, but I don’t go around slapping people with the bible. But outrageous ministers and extremely judgemental religion followers make people like me look terrible.

    Just want you guys to know that not everybody who belongs to religion acts like these other crazy people. That’s just not how it is. Reigion is nothing bad, but some people take advantage of it and use it to excuse themselves from doing/saying a bunch of bullsh!t. It’s always been this way unfortunately and I HATE it…

    • no one cares

      Daisy, no one cares on your opinion of religion. Only a handful of the population will read your rant. What, you think maybe one day you’ll be famous and your “words of wisdom” are gonna….oh nevermind. Now I’M wasting my time. Just shut up please. It’s annoying.

    • dora


  • Cali

    But he is okay with Beyonce???? GTFOH!!!!

  • purple love

    But its ok for males to hump n kiss strangers on stage and she toned it down quite a bit for her show this weekend

  • http://www.bossip.com yesIsaidthat

    Co-sign everything EXCEPT:calling lameanna swine ,and him liking scientology

  • daisy needs some d!ck

    Hositdown! If ur so Christian, do us a favor and become a nun so u can take a vow of silence. Or find a nice priest to break ur big mouth off

  • ImSoChi

    Mr. Farrakhan can you PLEASE go back to that rock you were living under….the world does not need you.


    • Really???

      Co-sign x1000

    • David

      Mr. Farrakhan can you PLEASE go back to that rock you were living under….the world does not need you.

      As long as people like you are walking the planet with the level of ignorance you have, WE DO!

    • wow

      @ David If you’re looking for a father figure sweetie he’s not it. He’s the biggest hypocriet on the planet. Check out his neighborhood and see if it’s remotely close to the neighborhoods of his flock. You don’t have to answer that because the answer is NO. He’s used the oldest trick in the game “religion” to manipulate, brainwash, and control weak-minded individuals like yourself. If you want to believe in someone try believing in the man that you see staring at you in the mirror.

    • wow


  • Reality

    Christ is the way the truth and the life. Amazingdiscoveries.org to find out the truth behind the deception being propagated by lucifer aka satan throughout history. Peace be with you.

  • rip NAT TURNER

    This is some funny stuff ! I had friends into the wheel come get us theory. Too late for me . .my soul departed on GEORGE CLINTONS MOTHERSHIP back in 78. I remember a spaceship, panama red, BOOTSY, and some guy on a diaper. I haven’t been the same since.

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