Meet NeNe’s Newest Victim BFF

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Bravo Housewives Taylor Armstrong and NeNe Leaks

As promised, NeNe Leakes has effectively relocated her shenanigans to Los Angeles.

And she’s already set sights on a new victim to torture with her special brand of “friendship”: Taylor Armstrong, aka one of the super boring Beverly Hills Housewives.

Taylor and NeNe were spotted having dinner in Hollyweird last night. And we figured out what these two have in common other than Bravo Housewife-dom: shady azz husbands.

Even more is coming out about her con-artist of a husband Russell Armstrong and more scams from crazy Taylor!

He’s a convicted felon, first off after being charged by the IRS of evasion of assessment. He’s also been repeatedly sued and filed for bankruptcy in 2005. And he sure picked a great partner in crime in Taylor.

Taylor is also a huge fan of getting knifed-up and a much lesser fan of telling the truth. These two are either going to be like two peas in a pod, or they’re going to eat each other alive.



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