10 Best Quotes From Charlie “Sh*t Talking” Sheen

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Charlie Sheen

Comments from newly “sober” Charlie Sheen have been anything but! If you’ve missed the latest rounds of his interview outtakes we’ve compiled our ten favorites right chere. He don’t need no script for this sh*t!


  • Shameful

    He dropped an N-bomb on the mother of his children when he was angry at her; and held a gun to another woman he was involved with. Why was this man ever ‘still marketable’? Screw him and his crack meltdown.

    • klalov12

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    • Laura

      NICE NEWS !
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      nk it’s sad. I think he has some real problems. Hope he gets some help. He looks really thin too.

    • bluejay

      I think you have him confused with Mel Gibson…

    • chocolategurll

      That says it all in a nutshell!

  • confidently_ugly

    Sheen is gangsta. Im just surprised he hasnt snorted away ALL of his money. If his show is cancelled someone else will pick him up. Coked out caucasions always get second, third and fourth shots at redemption.

    • chaka1

      I have been saying this over and over again.

      CBS was fine with Charlie Sheen’s antics, even based the show on it…until he upset the Jews!!! The Jews run Hollywood, not white people.

      Charlie is a mess, yes. But he’s trying to show ya’ll how to play hardball.

    • chocolategurll

      ooooo if that is not the truth…

  • whatisthat

    charlie sheen is more less charles manson..using drugs for mind control and power over these dumb chicks..they ain’t saying,cause they are playing with devil and charlie sheen”mindfreak” world!!! he is a fool in his disease and he need to get treated…

    • aboveitall

      So what would you say about Hugh Hefner? what’t the difference?

  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=o_Wq4QERYoc Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    I find people that talk sh*t to be HILARIOUS and so I like Charlie Sheen a lot!!!

    I just hope & pray that this ends well for all of those involved, especially his children because they like everybody else =they need their Father in their life regardless…

    I wonder how this will turn out because I have no clue whatsoever… I just hope not in an Overdoes :-(…

  • wowzers

    This guy needs a twitter account #winning

    • GrammarNazi

      LMAOOOOO. I agree, he does need a Twitter account called WINNING. This kid is crazy.

    • Monica


      He must have heard your suggestion. He just created a twitter account @charliesheen and #winning is trending topic. Go figure

  • napnap

    LOL…. this dude is freakin nutts. his world is like a worldwind right now…. just spinning and spinning. he needs a pray! WINNING

  • Curious Misses

    Yes, Charlie Sheen is a mess, but I can’t event front – his interviews are downright hilarious.

  • ohsotrue

    I think that its funny that his character is much like the real person minus the drugs and they (the Network) will capitolize off the women and boze just don’t mention the drugs. All of his antics this far may be fun & games but read between the lines, dude is actually saying something of value but the hollywood want to be gods would have the public believe he is out of control. I’m team Charlie.

  • ok

    I think it’s sad. I think he has some real problems. Hope he gets some help. He looks really thin too.

  • mo

    Wow, he is still high! But they knew what they were getting when they signed him up for the show, so why cry now? Charlie has always been on drugs, he overdosed in the nineties remember? His father had to step in and help him. So Levine knew about his past addiction, the whole world knew.

  • thatarmychick

    Dear Charlie,
    CBS didn’t pick a fight with a warlock…CBS hired a rockhead on the #1 show. #WINNING.

    Very truly,

  • sisredredbone



    Y’all better pray for Charlie, he might not be here long.

    • aboveitall

      They said that about him in the 1980s. That’s how long Charlie been partying. Don’t count him out. I hope he stops the drugs.

  • momo

    I could have sworn jews where white?? And charlie is hispanic…but guesn more spain in the blood. N e ways… CHARLIE is a mess!! But its funny!

  • Oh snap

    chaka1, you’re an anti-semitic jerk. The people in Hollywood who happen to be Jewish are there because they’re smart and creative. If you want to be a part of Hollywood, then you have to work for it, not just complain about it like a baby.

    And Charlie Sheen is hispanic. His real name is Carlos Estevez. So this is not a “white man” thing.

    Everything on this Web site is blamed on “the white man” and “the Jews” and it’s truly disgusting. Bunch of anti-semitic racists.

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