Justin Bieber, You Are Now A Man!

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  • daisy jay


    Daisy has a question….

    Selena is legal. Justin still isn’t. It’s okay for them to be together as long as they don’t have sex? I don’t get it….

    • klalov12

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  • what_am_iDoing


  • http://idontmakethenews.com/2011/03/02/justin-bieber-you-are-now-a-man-via-bossip-com-gossip-for-the-hardcore-entertainment-news-music-fashion-black-celebrity-music-videos-love-and-relationships/ Justin Bieber, You Are Now A Man! (via Bossip.com | Gossip for the Hardcore | Entertainment News | Music | Fashion | Black Celebrity | Music | Videos | Love and Relationships) « I Don't Make The News

    […] Yesterday Justin Bieber celebrated his 17th birthday and he spent it with his boo Selena Gomez, needless to say The Bieb became a man last night… Go head Justin! Let 'em know that you're not to be f**ked with! … Read More […]

  • what the what

    He’s not flipping the bird, he’s just showing how he and Selena get down until he turns 18. I guess the band-aids enhance the experience.

    4 in the I’m listening to “This Love” by Maroon 5

  • 504_MsGV

    Selena is so pretty. Why is she hiding? You actually think you were going to have a quiet lunch with Justin Bieber?? Get real.

  • Sharock1

    He still looks like he’s 14. the boy doesn’t look like he’s able to consummate anything. Oh well, ducks do it I suppose he can too.

  • The Ugly Truth

    They make a cute couple

    And Im sure he has been HITTING IT 4 a while now

    Selena is a cutie!!!! And Im not ashamed to say i love Wizards of Waverly Place

  • wtf!


  • napnap

    What’s up with her lip? is that a cols sore or one of Beiber fans hit her in the lip!

    • keia

      i was thinkin the same thing

    • Anna

      Lol. I heard yesterday that she was punched in the face…Those Bieber fans are psychos. It was all over Twitter yesterday.

  • kslim1

    Um, why do they look so upset? The young lady looks like her parents are gonna ground her or something…This is what you sign up for when you become a celebrity these days.

  • bossip lova :)

    why she look so damn embarrased and shame,yu with BIEBER show a smile qeesh,!

    • me

      It’s because she is trying to hide that gargantuan cold sore on her lip. Check the 4th photo, lol

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    awwwww snap, bieber got him a nice one



  • itsbrittneybitch

    doesnt he look adorable!

  • haha

    how come in every picture shes covering her lip and in the last one it looks busted..i since a little rhi rhi chris brown

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