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Kanye West Invades Paris Fashion Week (GO)

Denise Richards: Charlie’s Too Risky for Our Kids (GO)

Britney Spears in V Magazine of the Day (GO)

Ronald Bad For The McDonalds Brand (GO)

Lupe Fiasco Says He Was Suicidal Over B.O.B.’s “Nothing On You” (GO)

Charlie Sheen Gets Support From Katy Perry’s Husband Russell Brand After AA Bashing (GO)

3 Ways To Prevent Deep-Vein Thrombosis (GO)

Boycott Planned Over NAACP Honoring Of Kid Rock, Group Criticized For Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj Performances (GO)

Dear God, The Kim Kardashian Single Is Even Worse Than I thought (GO)

YouTube’s Guilty Pleasures (GO)

Jessica Simpson Is Drunk Again (GO)

Lil Kim Goes Live On UStream, Promises To Mail “Black Friday” Mixtapes (GO)

Cassie vs. RocNation’s Rita Ora? Whose Calvin Klein Commercial Is Hotter? (GO)


  • Ms. Sippi

    Dang.. It seems Ye is loosing the fame.. Nobody is even checking for him nomore.. they say nothing last forever but heaven and hell, well I threw in the last part..

  • jmagic

    Guess thats what happens when you buy Young Money bootleg albums,last i checked Yeezy had the best album of the year and went platinum so whos not checking for YE

    • Ms. Sippi

      Hush up.. You don’t know what I buy.. I am not trying to take anything from Ye.. And I am not here to debate his issues with you.. So what, he has the number one album and went platinum it took him long enough. Negative press is press and that’s a lot of what Kanye has been getting lately.. Stop riding his penis and let me say me.. We the only ones in here.. He use to be buzzworthy and people just wanted to speak on Ye.. I wish him the best. What you see is temporary what you don’t see is everlasting, Say’s Jesus so go debate the fame with him.. He would be glad to talk to you because I am underwhelmed by your stats..

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