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Fantasia barefoot dancing

The 27th Annual National Association Of Black Owned Broadcasters Communication Awards Dinner went down in DC last night and while fellow performers Regina Belle and Chrisette Michele managed to keep it classy, we can’t say the same for Fanny.

Fantasia cakes

Why does she bother with the sequined dress when she is just gonna kick her shoes off and act like she’s at a barnyard dance?


  • jada

    i thought it was ne ne

    • MyReason

      LOL…I did too!!

    • klalov12

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    • justsayin'

      So glad I am not the only one thinking it was NeNe

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Oh lord, it’s fanni! Girl need to quit with those damn tattoos and put her shoe’s on. It’s not qute at all.

  • jdmann

    ‘Because I’m bad I’m bad, I’m really really bad….who’s bad’

  • phyre

    She really should be working out.

  • islandgirl

    lmao i thought it was NeNe to lol

  • can

    Wow she has put on some weight!


    no one will ever be as captivating when putting on a performance at the black award shows as the late gerald levert….. folks don’t even try it. pattie maybe.

  • SERIOUSLY????!!!!

    I thought it was Ne Ne.

  • Juliemango

    Fannie is the black britney in terms of hillbilly behaviour!!!

    • Fine@40

      I agree 100%…hillbilly all day long

  • NoQuest

    “And you put your head in, and you take your head out and shake it all about..”

    • How?


  • theBlackPocahontas

    boy ninjas criticizing each other never fails. 1. She kick off her shoes because she fell on stage a few years ago. 2. Nobody says anything when Patti does it or when Aretha takes off her wig 3. She probably was the best performing there while everyone else was acting stuffy for fear that white folks might be watching

  • jag

    Ewww wot the hell happen to her? She looks a state

    • kerry

      I bet she smells like meat loaf.

    • Fine@40

      meat loaf with extra onions

  • c'est la vie

    Grammy award winning Fantasia, getting down. Go Fantasia! Rock on wit yo bad self!

  • meh love meh

    I’m going to need Fanny to go and she her beautican as well as her trainer. Work it out honey that is not a good look for you!

  • ladyv

    this is baby patti labelle she will always kick the shoes off and keep it real. i see she is picking up the weight quickly for that movie role

  • c'est la vie

    @ Caper
    Ms. Labelle is the epitome of captivation when it comes to entertaining. So much talent and charisma. The one and only Ms. Patti Labelle. Patti! Patti!

  • 100milesperhour

    Husky azz bytch

  • wondering

    Chrisette Michelkeeps getting she losing weight i love hair do ya thing chrisette a young etta james

  • UkFunkY

    smh at how most of us thought it was nene. lol

  • goldie

    lawd, lawd, lawd, lawd please halp me find mi shoes lawd!

  • Fine@40

    I bet she smells like a mountain goat.

    • p


  • p

    “Go head girl get ya gorilla on”

  • p

    “Fantasias dancing only furthered suspicions that she is actually a mountain ape”

    • Fine@40

      You are so smart! this is actually part of the mating ritual of the mountain gorilla…I learned that on the discovery channel.

  • CAN AM

    A southern church revival holy dance.

  • CAN AM

    And she wonders why the Grammy’s didn’t want her cornbread azz performing.

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