Drugs Are Bad M’kay: “Pregnant” Woman Popped Carrying 21 Pounds Of Ecstasy Pills

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Cot-DAMN! 21 pounds though! That would be one helluva baby!

A DeKalb County woman looked like she was close to her due date as she headed back into the U.S. from Canada last week. But that was no baby bump.

Instead, LeeAnn Worley was wearing a body suit filled with 34,000 Ecstasy pills, The Buffalo News reported. Worley, 25, of Stone Mountain, was arrested after struggling to answer questions about her travel plans and her health, U.S. Customs and Border Protection told the newspaper.

Officers searched Worley and found about 21 pounds of pills packed in plastic bags inside the body suit, making Worley appear as though she were in the late stages of pregnancy.

“When officers questioned her, I can’t tell you exactly what was said, but it just became apparent that something was not right,” said Thomas Rusert, a spokesman for the border patrol.

Worley was on a bus from Canada when she was detained at the Peace Bridge port of entry. She now faces federal charges for allegedly trying to smuggle the drugs.

We’re sure this won’t be the first or last time someone pulls this stunt, but who’s the “mastermind” that thought that 21 pounds of “baby” wouldn’t look suspicious? SMH…


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