Coupled Up: Chad Ochocinco And Evelyn Lozada Do New York City

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Here are twinsies Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada together at the Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Males Of 2011 event in NYC.

No comment on them today:/

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  • purple love

    *taps chad on the shoulder* u know ya girls a hoe right?

    • 100milesperhour


    • speaking of this ish...

      Lmfao! more like she a jump-down…doesn’t that episode confirm that she is a jump-down on her come-up smdh

    • Shoni


    • Mel

      *taps you on the shoulder* You know Chad got a million babies by a few different women, right?

      Honestly, I don’t understand this obsession with thinking the women aren’t good enough for these athletes bec. they have sordid pasts or whatever. To keep it real, most of these athletes (and rappers) are more than wh.ores. If we met most of them in real life we wouldn’t even like them.

      Plus, I doubt Chad will ever Marry Evelyn anyway, they probably just want a show

  • Chile plezze

    Well if it isnt Groupie and the Beast LoL!

    • Ronda Red77


    • tweet

      ROFLMAO, this is the best one!!

  • meka d

    Evelyn is telling Chad right now that she slept with Terrell Owens but only twice lol

    • Well Well


    • dpm45

      …and it was only for 6 months, and he was a NON-ISSUE….

  • Do more reading

    I wouldnt be seen out in public with this chick…Imagin all the other ballers that had her(that we know of) thinking “yeah nicca, I had her last year and her lip service was off the chain, ohhhh he bout to kiss her, ohhhhhhh man” lol. Its like going to a red carpet with superhead…

  • suthnpeach

    Lmao @ Purple Love. Too funny.

  • rip NAT TURNER

    Ocho . . what my @ss taste like ?

    signed: Antoine W.

    • tweet

      and Diddy

  • phelaw

    They look good together, STOP HATING!!!!

  • MzFitt

    HATING = TELLING THE TRUTH! After the last episode, Evelyn is (fill in the blank)!

  • tyrone

    I forgot to add that they look great together. For some reason a black man always appears more attractive when he is with a non-black woman. Maybe it is the beautiful physical contrast.

    • Boomboomroom

      Silly racist White troll with too much time on your hands I see. I doubt you are a Black man. Probably some Overweight White chick pretending to be Black. But I will “bite.” Black men don’t even marry out that often. Esp with White women. Anyway I doubt you are Black AGAIN!! Even the most self-hating of Black men wouldn’t call his own mother a “monkey.” Silly, racist White troll with too much time on your hands. LOLOLOLOLOL!!

  • Kevin O

    I see two Wide Receivers, without a ring.

    • kol

      good one!!!!!!lol

    • Sha

      Oh wow lol

  • wtfever

    I am not mad or jealous of Evelyn. I have a career, man and enjoy my life. Being beautiful is great, but when your spirit is as ugly as Evelyn’s appears on tv people are going to have negative opinions about her character. It in no may equates to jealousy.

  • wtfever

    * in no way equates*

  • CJ

    ROTFLMBBO @ Kevin!! Wow,,
    Yeah… Im really not feeling this chick.

  • Uguess

    Generally we find it more appropriate for a female to decide who is handsome . However we now have to account for males of other Curiosity factor. Chad on a scale from 1 to 10 is a 3 at best a 4 . Evelyn is a 4 but I love the dress this is the opinion of a female. Next !

  • QueenLove

    Whoa, you’ll puttin it down today. No need to speak about the “raisin with yellow eyez”.

    Evel go to Korea town and get your long flowing gold weave. Claiming/lying to people saying you latina, mami plz.

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    […] Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada appeared at the Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Males Of 2011 event in NYC. Enjoy the […]

  • Boomboomroom

    @Tyrone See Black men this is what White women think about yall. Calling you and your mothers monkeys, apes etc. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Lusting after these hatefilled, racist women.

  • tyrone

    People , every knows that most grown women , particularly black women , sleep with a guy the first or second time. In fact , the older the woman is the easier it is to sleep with her. This is particularly true of black women who are more desperate for a man bc of the black man shortage or availability. ( black women enigmatically do not in general date men of other races–they need to).

    Most of the black women on here have slept with at least 10-15 guys during their lifetime but they are calling Eve a hoe for sleeping with several pro athletes. The difference is that the men Eve slept with were in shape , rich , and famous. The men the women on this blog have slept with or out of shape , unknown , un or underemployed etc.This is why women hate Eve. She is doing what you women dream of doing. Ladies do not hate , go to the gym and improve your appearance and start dating NON-BLACK men.

    • Boomboomroom

      Again, a Black man calling himself a monkey. You post SCREAMS insecure White male. You think ALL Black mens names are Tyrone. LOL!! You are fascinated with Black women but you call them Apes, monkeys etc. TYPICAL RACIST WHITE MALE!! This is that 6a.m clown again. Under one of his fifty million screen names.

    • Negro Please

      So now your stupid a** is all knowing about all black women? Negro Please, you are making yourself sound more and more ignorant with each statement. If you hate blacks so much, go kill yourself, then we will have one less sorry a** self hating black man to worry about.

  • tyrone

    Does Chad look like a monkey. Yes or no.Yes! I rest my case.

    • JUDY


  • tommykimon

    This Tyrone character is an idiot.

    • Boomboomroom

      That is that 6a.m clown again. Why a fat, Perez Hilton-looking, gay White man is fascinated with Black people is “beyond me?” I wish he would get a life.

  • E$

    Chad is the new trick of the summer….he taking “L’z” with that on his arm…..Love is blind

    • uku

      i personally dont think its that they are in Love., i see two adults who are coomfortable with eachother and who wants tobe together. after a certain age in life you are not blinded by love, you are not cokooo i love you jus know you and a person is a great match , bad or good.

  • ttcool

    she was wrong and everything, true, but its not cuz she a hoe, i think she a woman who needs to check her attitude, and no this relationship wont last and when he does dump her she’ll c. she needs to stop judging ppl and worry about herself…i believe if she was nicer and didnt have a f’ed up attitude ppl wouldnt be on here calling her whateva…if she dont like being called a h*e, its time to step up and earn respect…we all have shady past ours jus dont get broadcasted on tv for ratings…step up evelyn…make things right and start earning respect…

  • missy

    @ tyrone: Are you stupid or dumb or ignorant? Ask that question and see what your response is?

  • missy

    @ tyrone: Are you stupid or dumb or ignorant? Ask that question and see what your response is..

  • tweet

    Trick daddy Chad needs to strap up before he dive into that big old wolf p**** and while he at it check Hoezada h** card bcs he will be surprised who is laughing at him.

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