SMH: Dear Diamond, Did You Tattoo A Tampon With The Applicator On Your Face?!?!

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Diamond's New Face Tattoo

Rapper Diamond, Lil Scrappy’s Love Piece, has jumped on the “It’s Cool To Tattoo My Face” bandwagon. After Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Cone and Yung L.A.’s Duck scratch that “L.A.” symbol, Diamond has tattooed what looks like a tampon… SMH!!!

We are sure she loves being a woman but C’Mon Son!!!

After Diamond tweeted this pic, some people thought it was a tattoo of a bullet but she cleared that up quickly. After a little Google investigation, we found out that Diamond’s tattoo is a lipstick tube.

Why the FACE?!?!


  • Daisy Jay

    *smacks forehead*

    Dude, a better guess would be a…BULLET…

    • DollBaby1o1

      lmao you seriously see a tampon?.. now i could understand if there were a strang danglin about.

      I see a bullet.


    Dear Diamond,
    Wear real diamonds.
    Get that sh!t lasered.
    Pay your damn car note.
    And your mf’in rent.
    The end.

    • Kayla

      LOL (-:

  • ladyinblue

    Really, that’s supposed to be lipstick? Well if that ain’t the most fugged up looking tat on a woman I’ve ever seen. Somebody reported it was a bullet the other day :P

  • knb1

    Why would you want to tattoo your face?!?! Especially if you’re a female…this is nonsense!

  • http://anotherdumbblackhoe Killyaselfhoe

    It should have been a bullet. Use it and kill yourself. Dumb wench.

    • MO




  • Loveme23

    That is horrible

  • Do more reading

    How u get a tat and there is confusion on what it is..LOL. Im gonna go ahead and say it looks like a crack pipe stem…or maybe its a d*ck and she like to be ear fu*ked..I dont know, but that cubic zirconia sure cost her an arm and a leg…HA

  • Eboni

    cubic zirconia that’s a mess, it looks like a bullet. tattoo fail

  • ShortStuff

    Wtf is up with these face tats???!!! MONKEY SEE MONKKEY DO….got all that money & don’t know what the f u c k to do with themselves…smh

  • 7lady

    These lil young broads aint like when I was comin up. They got the lowest self esteem ever. All they do is follow what the next broad doin. I grew up in the lil kim era. I didn’t run and get no green wig. I had my weave cut like that though. I didn’t get no nose ring like everybody. What’s wrong with these monkey see azz broads?

  • 7lady

    Girl we thinkn the same way! Cuz I swear I didn’t see your monkey comment! It’s a damn shame aint it! Sometimes I’m glad I aint got no kids.

  • Daisy Jay

    What’s up with the monkey see, monkey do business?

    Well my guess is that all these dumb@ss birds and niccas have the same stupid thoughts. They all wanna do dumb sh!t, but they hold off until somebody has the b@lls to actually do it. Then they get the “OK” to do what they’ve been thinking all along. Smfh.

  • JustAshley

    SMH. *sigh*

  • 1luv

    It’s a bullet…still dumb as fvck though!

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