Question: Why Was Nicki Minaj’s Leading Man Meat Demoted To Background Boy Toy???

Damn bruh, you blew your big chance to be Nicki’s bottom b*tch.

According to TMZ Reports:

A guy who appears in an upcoming Nicki Minaj video claims he was demoted from the lead role to a face in the background … all for revealing top secret information about the project on Twitter.
The guy with the six-pack is Toyin Koyejo — who claims he was punished for tweeting the title of the song featured in the music video. Apparently, Minaj had intended to keep it a secret.

Sources connected to the shoot tell us Toyin was approached by a furious crew member who claims the tweet was a direct violation of his confidentiality agreement … and Toyin was almost fired on the spot.

However, we’re told Toyin apologized to the powers that be … and they let him stay on the project … but in a less prominent role as a featured extra.

For some reason we feel like a woman that was chosen to be the lead in a male rappers video would have taken the opportunity more seriously and wouldn’t have done anything to f**k it up.

Ladies peep the following pics and tell us if you are feeling this cat.

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