Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion Pt 1: Tami Tells Evelyn “I Fawked Chad Ochocinco!”(40 Mins) [Video]

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  • Macori

    Forget those birds. I used to like Jennifer, but look at the company she keeps. Click on my name and check out my site.

    • Pearls n Polos

      Nice website, I need to get mines up and running, just waiting on my logos.

  • LarryM!

    I think Evelyn got just what she deserved when Tami told her she had relations with Chad! Payback is a B! Know she knows how Tami felt. Fake a*s broad. For the record, she really ain’t all that cute either! Did Royce vet s boob job?

    • Enforcer

      No. Its one of those miracle bras

  • I LOVE Tami

    I swear I love Tami she spiced the season up !!!

  • HoustonGirl

    Iam so glad Royce was going in on Evelyn and Jennifer.There so used to walking all over Suzie they didn’t know what to do.

  • moi

    Tami is the prettiest but she still got something very hood about her.

    • smh

      best comment, lol… i totally agree

    • Samaya

      Yes!I feel the same way,I think it’s her body language.It just screams ‘who gone check me boo?’

    • angela

      I AGREE!!

  • smh

    Sidenote: Eve’s makeup artist must be team Tammni! How your make up artist make you look older and worse. She was better off doing her makeup her self and keeping it simple. She looked like a clown last night! the worse on the stage.

    • LOLA

      Dang!!!! I thought I was the only one that thought her make up was atrocious!!!! LMAO!!!
      I am sooo riding with you on this one

    • ShyShy

      Yeah, her make-up was awful. She was looking rough in the face.

    • yomoma

      yep extra old and extra stank!

  • Shoni

    Last night was crazy. Yeah Royce had her clown suit on but why wait now. I really didn’t think Jen was that bad this season. But I did like what Tami did to Evelyn. It was a bash Evelyn fest.

  • kutthroat

    I personnally like evelyn that bytch is a mutha fuhken dawg and she would fuhk anybody up on the stage including tami wit her fuhked up weave!!!

    • Enforcer

      If that’s the case Evelyn would have gotten loud at the mouth with Tami as she did with Royce, and Suzie. But she didnt because she knows who to mess with

  • Mrs. Rance

    I was proud of Royce last night. She was a true reality star. I guess she said, “Yall want to get rid of me? I’ll show you some drama.” She might night fight but she a beast with that mouth. Evelyn is asking for more money and I don’t blame her. I can’t belive they only make $7500 per episode. That’s less than 100k per year if they only do one season per year. No wonder Tammi still has a regular 9 to 5. They should all fight for more.

    • CANAM

      They make way too much money to promote that poisonous bull sh*t!!!

    • MacMoon

      @mrsrance…You’re a real Maria Monks when it comes to numbers.
      Tami is smart to keep a real job!

    • Mrs. Rance

      I had to look up Maria Monks, but she appears to be a scholar so I’m going to take that has a pretty dope compliment. Thanks!

      Why is keeping a regular job smart? How many TV stars do you see moonlighting at low paying 9 to 5 gigs? The point is, if the network and Shaunie are making millions off her back she should not have to work a 9 to 5 to eat. Do you think the producers and network execs work another job?

    • MacMoon

      I get your point,but I don’t see this show being a long term opportunity.So I think Tami should focus on a job that has more stability.

  • DefToYourSwag

    I’m a come up with a show called “Non Angry Black Independent Women.”

    • DefToYourSwag

      That’s the sad part about it.

    • DefToYourSwag

      Morals are very Important. Apsly Right.

  • ambitious1

    7,500 dollars is all them tricks deserve… It doesn’t take any skills to do a reality show…

  • Kadadah

    Damn Evelyn…look like the tables are def. turning AGAINST your favor…do I smell Karma?

  • Matix B

    They are both wrong and in need of some therapy. Sure these shows might fulfill your short term kicks but they are s888t trash.

  • Twiggy

    Evelyn does NOT discriminate…as long as you play a sport you can leave ya balls in her court!!
    This show is pure comedy/foolery…but it is my guilty pleasure.

    • Kadadah

      Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I fkn can’t.

  • jmagic

    so when rich black men dont marry white women,this is what black women try to sale black men on…ignorant ghetto trash

    • Mrs. Rance

      Those women attract men of similar intelligence and morals. Dudes like Barack get women like Michelle. Not all rich dudes marry women they meet at night clubs.


      That is an excellent point, Mrs. Rance.

    • ok

      You’re crazy. Most of these rich black men (athletes and rappers) are GHETTO and not intelligent. That’s why they attract these women. These women are exactly on their level. These men aren’t Barack Obama or Colin Powell. Hell there not even Clarence Thomas.

    • Cali335

      Mrs. Rance. You called the president a dude. He is President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Give them their respect.

  • Maiko

    Royce straight went in on them hoes last night.

    And Tammy is the prettiest one, she’s just naturally beautiful.

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Evelyn and Jennifer are skanky gold diggers…Royce is not far behind, but at least she keep it real…Tami is the realist – she keep it 100 all day…and Shaunie is the straight master-mind – playing these trolls for cash every episode.

    And by the way – TTFN Evelyn – you can be replaced just like Suzie and Gloria…


    Tami’s daughters must be so proud to have her as a role model. UGH!!

  • JustAshley

    1.Royce and Shaunie looked flawless on the show.
    2.Evelyn forehead is broad as h*ll. She needs to keep her hair down.
    3. Tami reminds me of my big sister whom I no longer speak too.
    LMAO@ Tami saying she slept with Chad. Evelyn looked hurt as h*ll. LOL!

    • buttaflyytulsa

      I feel the same way!!! I have a step sister just like her that I refuse to talk to anymore because all she does is dish it, but can’t take it.

      Off topic but on subject, if you really listen to what Tami says after the ‘Ocho’ comment, she clearly states ‘I just wanted to say that’, and then says ‘it doesn’t feel good though, does it?’ meaning it wasn’t true, but she just wanted to say it to teach Evelyn an lesson.

  • JustAshley

    Oops! Jacked up my email.
    Anyway, I got the strange feeling that one of the ladies from the show is on the board today.

  • heyhey

    Evelyn is the Puerto Rican’s man trash

    • CANAM

      And any men with money.

  • suga

    Damn, where do I start? First of all, I’m glad to see that Royce finally let those broads have it. Jennifer seems cool, but she’s a punk when she gets around Evelyn. What grown woman still let’s another woman influence how she acts with other people? What is Jen 4years old or something? Tammi seems the most real out of the bunch,but she just needs some polishing. And Tammi needs to learn how to act like a lady in public or learn how to drink without acting like a hood rat. Evelyn looked hard as nails last night. I really hope she’s not counting on Ocho to marry her a$$. They say your boy has a habit of leading chicks on in the beginning, then dropping them when he’s tired of them.Shaunie is an instigator, a grown a$$ woman with kids and still trying to get other chicks to fight….I have not seen anything like that since Jr. high.

  • laila

    What was that dance that Royce or Reese did?


      Im not sure, but it made me chuckle😀

    • Sheila

      It’s called the back hand bounce.

    • FridaySpecial

      LMAO, out of all the comments i started rolling @ this.

  • ok

    I wouldn’t want to be friends with any of these women. They are catty, unintelligent and not trustworthy. All of them look miserable and unhappy. They are all GHETTO and dress trashy. They are all defined by the men they are with. Tami and Royce are honest, but still….


    That is acknowledge.

    *chuckles* I’m just playing around, today😀

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