Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Michael Vick Signs Another Endorsement Deal

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Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles

Congrats to Mike Vick… The controversial Eagles player is getting more paper!

You heard it right, Vick is back and making it rain on them hoes with his third endorsement deal in three months. This time with Core Synergy.

Vick will be joining fellow NFL players Pittsburgh Steeler Maurkice Pouncey and Green Bay Packer A.J. Hawk who also inked a deal with the Lutte Licensing Group, the makers of the Core bands.

The high-tech silicone bracelets tout improved flexibility, balance and increased core strength. They are quickly becoming a fad among athletes.

The once-highest-paid NFL player and coveted pitchman, with numerous sweet deal endorsements that earned him millions, quickly went from a hero to a zero following his 2007 infamous arrest on dog-fighting charges. The arrest landed him an 18-month stint in federal prison.

Vick, who has been on the road to redemption, also picked up another endorsement deal last January. The first company who was willing to forgive his past was Unequal Technologies. Vick signed a two-year deal with the shock-blocking sports pads manufacturer. The Unequal Technologies deal tested the waters and two months later another company dared to follow suit.

Now, the powers that be at Core Synergy are ecstatic that Vick decided to come on-board to rep their brand:

“We are extremely excited to add Michael Vick to our list of outstanding athlete endorsers,” says Michael H. DiSabato, CEO of Lutte Licensing Group. “Michael epitomizes what the Core Synergy brand stands for. He’s a pure, authentic athlete who dominates one of the most competitive sports in the world.”

Okay, so it ain’t exactly Nike or Gatorade, but Vick did his time then put in work on the football field, these endorsements are well-deserved. Congratulations!



  • if anything be noble

    Go Mike. Keep moving up, bruh.

  • Mc Hammer

    How do you spell redemption? VICK..I know that some haters are waiting on him to make a mistake but he hasn’t and he won’t. This man should at rookie symposiums speaking about how he went from fan favorite to most hated, and now most intriguing person in the NFL.

  • BAM

    Keep it moving? Those dogs will never be able to “keep it moving”. Cuz he killed them! I will never forget that….I don’t care if he did his time. Killing dogs is unforgivable!!!!

    • likostar


      You can’t be serious???

  • MsLC78

    Good for him. I wish him the very best.

  • I'd DIE for a White Woman

    Thats what goes on in the south everyone fights dogs dayum let the man live allready he did his time and dayum sure paid his dues. He lost that nike and gatorade endorsement that cost him over 100 mili mans clean i my book. Do you Vick and ignore these haters out here brah. @Bam ur prob a grown a$$ man with a poodle who he kisses on the mouth smdh

  • Oh snap

    Here’s what kids learn today: Abuse dogs, go to jail, and get rewarded with lucrative endorsements. Disgusting.

    Oh, and if this were a “cracker” as folks here like to call white people, then it wouldn’t be all “you go!” and “Congratulations!”

  • AntiBecky

    Great job, Vick!
    SN: if only u had ‘taken’ a few booty holes like Ben Rapistberger; those grays would LOVE u.
    GTFOHWTBS–like you really care about some dayum pity bulls! I’m in GA & y’all been fighting dogs, cocks and impregnating your sisters & cousins. For YEARS!!!

    • Oh snap

      AntiBecky (nice racist name — should I change mine to AntiShaniqua?), I didn’t realize that ALL white people were at fault for the crimes of some white people. Does that make you at fault for OJ Simpson’s crimes?

  • blackmale

    @oh snap – I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen a documentary about inbred white country bumpkins down in Mississippi fighting dogs. They hide out back in the woods. They’ve been busted as well. Michael Vick was just the famous figure bringing it to light. It doesn’t mean that only black people fight dogs you idiot. He served whatever time the white man calls justice handed to him, so that means he’s paid for his mistakes. Get over it. Now you’re saying that the judicial system that so favor white people made a mistake. Then take it up with your congressman to get it changed. For Michael, keep getting paid. They are using to sale a product.

  • Oh snap

    Okay, so when Michael Vick takes your dog and puts it into a fight in which its neck is broken, let’s see how you feel then.

  • Oh snap

    All dog abusers should be imprisoned and then once they are released, should not be given sponsorships like this. Black, white, whatever color the criminal is. You all hate white people? Too bad. This is not a “the white man” issue. This is a dog abuse issue. Y’all are obssessed with your hatred of white people. Racist jerks.

    • timbo

      Ummm, WE’RE obsessed with white people???? Please go back to the very first comments written on this article and you’ll see that YOU were the first person to interject race into this conversation. I(as well as most other intelligent Blacks) could actually care less about you idiots…Please get over yourselves…

  • Shananigans

    YEAAAA! i’m gonna buy one right now

    take that haters!

  • Princess

    Congrats Vick you served your time and I am super happy for you. Hater please seat down and take a number someone will be there to slap you soon.

    • Oh snap

      Why am I not surprised that someone who is happy for Michael Vick is themselves a violent person?

    • timbo

      Give him 2 numbers…slap his arse twice…

  • Mrs. Rance

    How do I write this comment so this site will post it….

    Yay Mike!!!

    Is that better?

  • MacMoon

    Where’s boomboomroom when you need her? Someone needs to address this @ohsnap moron! LOL

    • MacMoon

      So you think Vick should never be given another chance?
      If so,What do you propose the man do for a living?

    • Oh snap

      MacMoon, I do think that Vick could get a “second chance.” But I do not think that he should be rewarded with lucrative contracts like this where little children look to him as a hero. And I wouldn’t worry about his making a living — his football pension is enough for him to live on.

    • timbo

      Oh Snap—the truth finally comes out. it’s not about the dogs at all….It’s the MONEY that you have a problem with…Vick continues his million+ deals, yet you must continue your daily grind at the fry station…or walmart…life just ain’t fair…

    • MacMoon

      The man couldn’t receive a damm dime til he probably 50. PENSION

  • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!


    • MacMoon


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