RihRih Says Beatdown Gave Her Liberation: ‘I Needed That In My Life To Know How To Say Fawk Off!’

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Rihanan Vogue Cover

We thought Rihanna was done talking about her domestic violence incident with Chris Brown. We thought wrong.

The Bajan beauty opened up to American Vogue for the first time for their April issue and she gave some eye opening insight on how fame has shaped her for better or worse. #TeamBreezy can rest at ease though, the bulk of her negative comments are directed at her father for his tendency to run to the tabloids with false stories or peddling pictures:

“It really makes me question what I have become to my father. Like, what do I even mean to him?” “It’s really strange. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it, because you grow up with your father, you know him, you are part of him for goodness’ sakes! And then he does something so bizarre that I can’t begin to wrap my mind around it. You hear these horror stories about people going behind people’s backs and doing strange things, but you always think, Not my family. My father would never do that to me.”

That’s got to be hard.

Rihanna says she first saw that side of her dad after the domestic violence incident with Chris Brown:

“That was the first time,” she says. “My dad went to the press and just told them a bunch of lies. Because he hadn’t talked to me after… that whole thing … He never called to find out how I was doing, if I was alive, nothing. He just never called. He went straight to the press and got a check. And now he does it again. Now I’m like, Whatever. I tried.”

RihRih, you should call Blohan — she knows all about money hungry daddies. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t call Blohan, she might try and hit that!

More quotes and photos from Vogue when you continue.

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