Jesus Take The Wheel: Beauty Supply Owner Killed Over Six Bags Of Hair

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This is crazy:

The owner of Sunrise Beauty Supply was shot and killed during an apparent robbery late Tuesday morning.

A witness who saw the aftermath from inside a nearby shoe store told police the suspect ran out of Sunrise carrying six bags of hair.

That witness told FOX 2 the suspect, a teenage or twenty something black male in sweat pants, a coat and do-rag, jumped in a four-door, silver Focus being driven by a black female. They both then sped away.

The second photo above is a sketch of the possible suspect being sought by police. He has a tattoo or birthmark over both eyes and some blotches around his cheek area.

Regular customers are shocked and saddened.

“That’s so sad that a man’s life could be taken over six bags of hair,” said Susan Gewarges.

“Suddenly that person’s not there anymore, and you figure all they were really doing was trying to make a living for themselves like the rest of us,” George Johnson said.

Dearborn Police are investigating and asking that anyone with information to please come forward.

We spoke to the owner’s wife, who is obviously grief stricken. She told us her faith is the only way that she’s going to get through this senseless tragedy.



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