Caught Swirling & Creeping: Steve Nash’s Marriage Ended Because He Had Black Side Action Poppin’

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Steve Nash Alejandra Amarillo Nash

And he wasn’t the only one. See if you can keep up with this one.

Remember when Steve Nash announced his divorce from his wife of five years on the same day he announced the birth of their third son? At the time, Steve said that he and Alejandra Amarilla, who he had been with for a total of nine years, had been living apart for some months.

Well, rumor has it, two separate black folks were responsible for the split.

Supposedly he divorced his wife the day after she had a baby, because the baby turned out black…Apparently Steve’s wife Alejandra wasn’t the only one cheating…Looks like there was infidelity on both sides…My source tells me…”This is the true story about Steve Nash’s marriage break up. He had an affair with a 22 year old African American girl, while his wife was pregnant..The girl’s name is Brittany Richardson and Steve has been seen with her since July 2010, and they are still in a relationship.”

We don’t know about the former Mrs. Nash’s infidelities. But Steve and his Pretty Brown Thing sure do look cozy in this picture.

Steve Nash girlfriend Brittany Richardson

SMH at Steve rebounding with the young jawn who’s still taking camera phone pics in public bathrooms.

Steve Nash girlfriend Brittany Richardson



  • sam


  • if anything be noble

    What? Reread the headline out loud slowly please.

    • Bella

      The headline should read, “Steve Nash’s marriage ended because his wife had black side action.”

  • Mike

    “Both He Had Black Side Action Poppin”

    The chick running this site needs to hire someone to check the headlines. Keep Up With That! Seriously…….

    • say word

      LOL, thank you. 10 to 1 odds that this chick would spazz the Heck out if she knew people were callin her “Black”.

      And so *what* even if she’s Black, and his wife had a Black kid. Are we supposed to rejoice that our race made it into some MORE basketball mess? big whoop indeed

  • deeefabolous

    I had to click and see the story to understand the headline.. dammn!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    so he had a black mistress that got pregnant …ok.,,then what? lol

    • tys

      um lol now yall making up stories LOL ..
      his WIFE had a baby by a black man ..
      his new girl is black ..
      that is all

      there is no baby between him and his new jumpoff

  • if anything be noble

    I know, deefabolous. It’s shonuff trickery, bamboozlement and chicanerie because I would NOT be clicking onto half this stuff if the headline was close to comprehensible. Smh Bye

  • Chitowninthehouse

    Definitely confusing…

  • if anything be noble

    Noooo Bunny. *Bunny twists her mustache and pulls me back into this thing after I just got done with my nap after re@ssembling that Rubik’s Cube of a headline* The WIFE had the Black baby. The girl taking pictures of herself in the JCPenney bathroom is childfree. (It seriously is time for me to go. What kind of a Days of Our Lives kind of mess is this?) SMH

  • Ladoodle

    This girl isn’t Black! She looks Puerto Rican, Dominican, or mulatto. Ugh.. blk ppl always want to claim somebody

    • Txhustla15

      Newsflash there are black people from those countries too – ever hear the african diaspora ? SMH..Try reading a book sometime…

    • super steph!

      either way…if i saw her on the street, calling her “black” would never cross my mind.

    • JM


    • JustSaying

      “Brittany Richardson”. Now that sounds really Dominican or Puerto Rican.

      And talking about “claiming” somebody, maybe you need to look up the definition of “mulatto”. Last I checked there wasn’t a “mulatto” checkbox on the census form.

  • Trixs are 4 Kids Bytch

    How in the hell do u know what she is. Did u make her. Okay than. Becuz she doesn’t look it doesn’t mean she isn’t. U sound like a bitter byotch… R u???? Smh.. Think u kno everything..

  • Lisa

    Cute girl. Why is she with a old man?? I know he probably help support her financially but still, he’s old!!

  • MacMoon

    A lil mo dope 2 smoke….
    A lil mo dope 2 smoke…..

  • Daliah

    Whats wrong with haveing a sugar daddy!?! Hell he chasen her she aint chasen him

  • Mabel

    Too much drama!!!

  • DaTruthIsThaTruth

    She after that dummy’s money.

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