Coon of The Day: Pastor Denies Communion To Members Who Don’t Give Their Tax Refund To Church

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Now this is not a Godly way to act, shame on you Pastor.

HOUSTON – Members of the small congregation at Houston Unity Baptist Church said when they refused to give the pastor their tax refunds; he refused to give them their Communion.

Some members of the church spoke with FOX 26 anonymously.

“He said for all those who are getting a tax refund, ‘How many are you are going to give it to the church’?” James said.

Pastor John Goodman said while he refused Communion, it wasn’t because his members didn’t donate their tax refunds to the church. It’s because they’ve failed to step up and do what’s needed to keep the church afloat.

“I asked if there were any other members, which I know it is, that got income tax money. I ask if they would like to contribute it over here to the new parking lot.”

When asked if he withheld Communion, Pastor Goodman said absolutely but it wasn’t because of the tax refund issue. He said it was because of internal issues in the church he refused to disclose.

Goodman said only 4 or 5 members in the church actually help with bills, but he called the rest of his congregation devils and demons.

LMAO!! What type of bullsh*t is THIS?!?! So now communion is a bargaining chip to get the money that is supposed to be given voluntarily from the heart?? Jesus is not pleased sir, not pleased at all…



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