Scientology Stuntin: Tom Cruise’s Black Son Connor Is Now A DJ

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Tom Cruise’s 16-year-old son Connor has found a new way to make some pocket money. The teen is paving his way as a DJ and spun some tunes at a fashion event in LA last night. He teamed up with Jake Isham at Satine Boutique in West Hollywood for the cocktail party celebrating fashion brand Whitley Kros. Not that he needs the money as he has wealthy A-List actors for parents but he seemed to enjoy himself while spinning the decks

Connor dressed in an atypical DJ outfit consisting of jeans and a track suit top. He wore a silver chain around his neck and had his large disc-jockey trademark headphones. Connor seems to have come a long way from the shy child seen pictured with his dad and adoptive mother Nicole Kidman growing up. He also has an adoptive sister Isabella, now 18, and they both live with the Mission Impossible star with stepmother Katie Holmes and little sister Suri, four.

Nicole has spoke out in the past that she is upset that Connor and Isabella do not address her as their mother, instead referring to Holmes by the title. She revealed in 2007: ‘My kids don’t call me mommy, they don’t even call me mom. They call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it.’ Isabella and Connor, who live in Los Angeles while Nicole is based in Nashville, are both understood to subscribe to Scientology like their famous father. Isabella, in particular, is often seen accompanying Holmes and her half-sister Suri on various family outings.




  • Sally

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  • O_o

    for him to hv been adopted he sure does favor tom cruise. tom was havn fun on the chocolate aisle of the candy store.


    i thought he looked like tom too. there will be more to come from this story in the near future, im sure.

  • Sha Sha

    Tom’s lying, this boy even has the chin, and smile…this is his bio kid fo sure!!

    • T3P

      It is so weird that he looks very much like Tom Cruise. He can’t just be adopted.

  • Concerned

    I wonder why the kids don’t call Nicole mom? Is it because Tom and Nicole don’t get along? Interesting.

    • TriniGlamazon

      Because Tom and Katie has them brainwashed with that Scientology mumbo jumbo!!!!

  • Christie_love

    For Connor Cruise to be adopted,he sure looks a hell lot like Tom Cruise! I wonder if Tom secretly got a black woman pregnant back in 1994 and paid off hush money to Connor’s mom so that he can raise him under the guise of adoption. Anyway,i think that is wrong and disrespectful of how Tom shut Nicole Kidman out of Isabelle and Connor’s lives as their mother. Katie is just their stepmom.Those kids seem programmed by Tom.

  • Sha

    Yeah he does look a lot like him. Ya think Hollywood is that racist for someone go that far to lie to stay on the A-list?….OH WHAT AM I SAYING??? :P

  • MariB

    He does look much like tom cruise. and so cute

  • darealwifey

    Shocked by how many people think Connor looks like Tom, too. I thought the same thing. He seems to have Tom’s smile and even his eyes a little. *side eye* Sad how Tom took them from Nicole, though.

  • Chaka1

    Conner is a cutie for sure. I hope he gets out of the Scientology crap. That’s why Nicole and Tom don’t get along.

  • myopinion

    Maury to Tom “You are the fathhherrrrr”

    hehehe, the resemblance is definitely there. I know being around a person for so long will make you look like each other, but dag on it, they sharing some genes.

  • SweetC

    Wow hes definitely Tom’s spitting image, he looks mixed too. Sad they call Katie mom.

  • Shannon

    PLEASE…please stop it! Tom Cruise does not like Black women…seriously……he does like ANY women! WHY do Black women keep insisting EVERY white man “loves” them??

  • Toy

    I always said he lookd like his dad. He does not look adopted at all. It will come out eventually.

  • toonmili

    I think Conner is a testube baby. I do believe Tom is gay and I do believe Connor is his son.I mean LOOK at HIM.

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