Guess Which “Odd” New Artist Beyonce Recently Collaborated With For Her New Album…

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We heard that Bey Bey was going to unveil a “new genre” of music with her upcoming album, but hopefully she didn’t wild out like her co-writers are known to do…

Pictured above is Beyonce’s studio session with Frank Ocean of shock-rap group Odd Future. For those that aren’t familiar with Odd Future, they are a collective of fawking weirdos young kids from Los Angeles who have recently garnered a cult following after releasing a series of mixtapes, videos, and performances (Jimmy Fallon).

Odd Future’s music and videos are best known for being graphic and horrific, often depicting bleeding, eating insects, and vomiting. As the singing voice of the group, Frank Ocean was enlisted to help Bey Bey shape her new sound. Only time will tell what the results of this session was, but we sure don’t want to see Bey eating roaches or spitting out blood.

Beyonce is the studio recording the new album. 2011 is the battle of the divas! Britney, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce will all release new albums this year. Odd future member “Frank Ocean” tweeted:

“this is the room i’m working in this day. not to brag but man, this is surreal. like..she’s singing my songs. if time were to stop right now, the past couple weeks would be near the top of the highlight reel for my short time on earth.”

To be such a new artist clearly Frank Ocean is #winning. Congrats sir, maybe you can convince Mr. Camel to indulge in some satanic, blood-letting rituals with you guys.

We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt Bey-Bey don’t disappoint us!



  • vicious vixen

    *MAJOR side eye*

  • Magicalme

    A new genre???? SIGH..

    She shoulda kept her mouth shut!! This chick is impressively stupid

    • uhohitslelani

      I agree 10000%. And the “your a hater” comments begin in 5 4 3 2 1…

    • Hello

      Well everyone decided to ignore both of you … I guess it’s up to me to let you both know you are HATERS. YOU ARE WELCOME :)

    • Hello

      Sorry that comment took more than 5 seconds…..

  • http://yahoo ms moore81

    Music is about reinventing sounds and emotions! She has be in the game for over two decades, I hope she doesn’t crash and burn in her ladder years. Good luck to her

  • Mya

    cant wait to hear new beyonce! ppl that heared her new single said it’s it’s CRAZY!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!

  • ebonyblonde

    I love her. That is all.

  • 1st Black woman to win ASCAP AWARD = BEYONCE

    Beyonce forever!

  • Matix b

    So Genesis is at it again, making shyt up again! Odd Future are the weirdest group every…everything they are doing has been done already by F*cked Up two years ago. Their movement is old and boring. NEXT!

  • Dilla

    I don’t know about a new genre but whatever she does, I’m praying that it contains substance.

  • yeah i said it

    ***SHE trYna UpsTage RhIana…PERIOD! She prolly feeln old and as if her “reign” is in jeopardy… Hov is slidin into seniorcitizendom..she need to go sit down some where and give him some offsprings…DAYUM…im begining to think she selfish and self centered….but hey shell do what Mariah and J-ho (after all these years they cudnt make a baby thus all of a sudden they have 2 BOY & GIRL ) a womb and have her eggs surgicaly implanted…She got enough paper to feed a nation ..they really tryna be the first billionaire hiphop couple..regardless that othr artist are tryna eat two…

    • Jessica

      Who the f.uck is Rhlana??

  • fatu sankoh

    i cant wait for bey new album i missed her so much god blesse bey i wish you all the best hurry bey

  • Sasha Flop

    Gaga rules the world now, and Rihanna is her lady-in-waiting. Does anybody even listen to beyonce anymore, except pathetic queens lol…

    • Mya

      Ask Glastonbury festival where Beyonce is playing with over 200,000 ppl the BIGGEST Music Festival oh With Beyonce being the FIRST female Artist to HEADLINE the show lmao!!!! She doesn’t have any new music out yet the takeover hasn’t started yet lmao!!! You Mad? Oh and about I AM SASHA FIERCE sold over 7 million copies worldwide with over 18 million singles sold lmao! JOKES on you Boo lol

  • I love love an Asian Man

    Rhianna is her inspiration….
    An all female music band and rock band that plays instrument with powerful voices, will be take over soon!

  • QueenGaga

    2011 is The Year Of Gaga. Go sit down beyonce.

  • #justsayin

    Still trying to upstage Rihanna. #thatsjustsad

    • Mya

      Beyonce will upstage everyone with her new Music. lol! Willow upstaged Rihanna and she’s only 10 lmao!!

    • Shanice

      Really? It’s not that hard to upstage Rihanna. You act like she’s talented lol.

  • Dilla

    Oh and dead@ beyonce being in the game for over 2 decades. 1998-2011 does not equal over 2 decades. Beyonce stans… I can’t!

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