Name The Tattooed Foot

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This near tattoo virgin sure isn’t wasting any time trying to catch up to her BFF! Just a month after getting her very first, she twitpic’d this photo of tattoo #2 yesterday. Can you guess who this is?

Kelly Rowland might just be one of those people who get hooked on ink. And it’s all Brandy’s fault. Along with this pic, she tweeted:

Kelly Rowland Twitter

Yikes! What could that foot possibly look like?!


  • I am....

    looks like corn, bunions, onions, fungus

    • Sally

      NICE NEWS !
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    *Yawn *Fart *Burp

  • MacMoon

    As long as she doesn’t go all crazy! I’d rather no ink on a woman.

    • huh

      I agree. All these women with their tats just look tacky when they try to wear a dress and look “lady like”. No matter how pretty you are, seeing a rose go down your arm just looks trashy.

  • Well Well

    If her feet look like Bey Bey all I have to say is “Thank you for being considerate”.

    • lmeh love meh

      LMAO…. :)

  • !!!!!



    Heels do a number on your feet.Thank you Kelly not showing us how.

  • Jz

    Kiss Bey’s corns! Her bunions and toe nail clippings!

  • nayah82

    Is that toe jam between her toes? eww!!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    “God’s gift” tho,really? Idk but I see this as lame.

  • nicky barnes

    A ‘God’s Gift’ tattoo(that’s bad enough) on an admittedly ugly foot. Great.

  • unkle Ruckus

    Somebody might want to reread Leviticus.

  • desib

    very disrespectful to put anything Religious on your feet…especially “God”…

  • XcluSive


  • seriously

    thank you for the tatt location suggestion… though I have one on my left i may get one of my right on the side…lol

  • Lola

    First she gets Masterpiece, now God’s gift….Kelly please, just go away

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