Cry Me A River: Billy Ray Cyrus Said He Could Have Been A Better Dad

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Billy Ray Cyrus is finally manning up and taking the blame for ruining his family:

“I love Hannah Montana. I love Disney. I wouldn’t change anything,” the musician and father of Miley Cyrus said on Wednesday’s Good Morning America, in response to a volatile interview he gave in December in which he blamed Hannah Montana for destroying his family.

Now, Cyrus says his messy home life was to blame, adding that he was “surrounded in darkness” when he gave the interview. “I did kind of approach being a dad as a friend,” he said. “I was a great playmate. I mean, for teaching [my children] how to camp and build fires and ride motorcycles and four-wheelers, and horses, and all those fun kind of things. I was really good at that.”

But, he concedes, “As far as sitting down and doing algebra and science, the homework, I wasn’t very good at that. So I look back on it and think, ‘You know what? Maybe, no doubt, I could have been a better dad.’ ”

Moving ahead, “I still want to be Miley’s friend,” said Cyrus, who sees himself as “that person she comes to talk to.” When it comes to Miley, he declared, he loves her “more than life itself.”

Wamp, wamp, wamp. Miley Cyrus might already be a tatted up-teenage-skank who smokes Salvia, but it’s never too late to try to be a good dad, Billy Ray.


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