What The Hell??? Models Are Eating Orange Juice Soaked Cotton Balls To Stay Thin Now???

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sesilee lopez mom

Sessilee Lopez is one of the hottest models in the game right now, and that’s possible thanks to the support of her mother, Janice Celeste. Janice has recently penned a book called Making a Supermodel, which is a parents guide to the modeling industry:

“I am writing this book because I want to help other parents help their daughters become high fashion models,” she writes. “Parents often message me on Facebook to ask for advice on how to get their teens into modeling, and many have no idea what it really takes.” Celeste started her daughter off when she was just 12, and used her last pay check after she lost her job to take her daughter to New York to go on open castings.

Celeste even dishes on crazy extremes that she’s witness models experience to stay thin:

“I’ve seen some life-threatening measures models have gone through to lose weight. Luckily my daughter has never had a weight problem that kick-boxing couldn’t solve. I personally know of one model who dipped cotton balls in orange juice and consumed it to feel full. Later it came out that she had anorexia.”

Wow. Thoughts?



  • purple love

    What happened to exercising and eating healthy? If you not naturally thin maybe you shouldn’t be a model cuz this is the dumbest sht I ever heard

  • Shanice

    @purple love Co-sign. If your not naturally thin don’t do it. This is just ridiculous.

  • Ready or Not

    I agree 100%…aint no way a model would stay so skinny like they do if they were eating…Now i understand working out and eating right to maintain a healthy weight,,,these models are a scary skinny and some men call that fine …a dime…ok whatever.

    • OK


  • Do more reading

    Maybe they want a softer chit..

  • XYZ

    Old news. I first read that in the 90’s. And they also do drugs by injecting them in between their toes. Ask Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, they must know best.

    • super steph!

      yah thats what i was thinking i remember hearing this…its actually in style to be curvier now, but in the 90s and early 2000’s, there were so many girls dying of anorexia! im pretty sure its not as big as a problem anymore

  • Mrs. Rance

    This isn’t news. Everyone knows that models have to go to extreme extremes to maintain those inhumane weights. And regardless of what she says, her daughter has to do those things as well. Yeah she might kickbox and not eat cotton balls, but is she consuming the daily recommended amount of calories to insure she is healthy? Not a chance.

    • Gina

      What are you talking about? I know plenty of skinny girls that eat CONSTANTLY, usually in hopes of getting breasts and a butt.

  • Toy

    I pray that my daughters never have this problem. My middle girl is a little chubby. Even tho the doc says she only 4lbs overweight shes short. I try to keep her active and give her nutritious foods but i never even mention her weight but my othr girls do shes only 5 but i still worry about her because she gets super upset when ppl say that about she evens says she wont eat things becus shes fat.


    i BEEN on sessilee jock! she is INCREDIBLE. she’s got the most versatile look since LINDA EVANGELISTA!!!
    she can do ‘grace jones’ androgyny to super femme high couture in a heartbeat.
    so glad to see deep, fierce chocolate destroying the high cashion mags & couture catwalks.
    work, b*tch. ;-)

    • RHONYC

      fashion mags. lol :lol:

  • PalestLatina

    Linda Evangelista is Italian if you don’t know.

  • Nana

    Is that the chic from that Model Reality show? Believe she was datin another dude on the show(model 2)

    Anyway, this is nothin new! That or Coke. Smh


    She looks like a man, is she a tranny like that banana boat nose, frog-eyed, weave wearer Lala and Evelyn?

  • http://www.defb4dishona.com BLAKGOD


    People need to eat FOOD to LIVE.

  • wondering

    well first of @ allergic to myself, you need counseling you really really hate yourself no woman wants you no matter what color i think your phathetic like she would ever want you? ,… back to the article models have always been finding ways to be thinner and its not about being naturally thin like gwenyth paltrow or kate blanchet naturally thin women put them next to a top model they will look big designer want women with no shape or curve like marc jacobs armani exc…they want these female models to appear emaciated i have no idea why

  • Jenn

    There is much more to modeling than just being beautiful.

    You must have a certain style and look the bigwigs want…it doesn’t matter how fly you think you are.

    If you ain’t got it, then that’s simply it.

  • QuoteME

    Why would anyone allow a bunch of gay men tell you how a woman is supposed to look? Please…get outta here with that mess. Curves are what a woman is all about. Foolishness trying to be a size 2 because some gay dude who’s mad he’s not a woman said that’s what we’re supposed to be. SMH

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