Dirty Dog Diaries: Elin Tells Tiger To Keep That Lil Drunken Hussy Away From Her Kids!

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Looks like Sam and Charlie won’t be spending any time with their Daddy’s new girlfriend Alyse anytime soon:

After learning that Tiger Woods is dating a party girl, sources say his ex-wife ELIN slapped the serial cheater with an ultimatum – let her near our kids and you’ll never see them again!

Elin went ballistic when she found out the potent putter’s new squeeze, 22-year-old blonde Alyse Lahti Johnston, was busted on a felony DUI charge. “Elin was furious when she heard about the DUI,” a source close to the Swedish beauty told The ENQUIRER.

“Elin says if Tiger brings that woman around the kids, she thinks it will be grounds for a breach of their divorce agreement, and she’ll push for complete custody.”

Dayummm, we cant even be mad at Elin on this one….especially since the kids are so young. Tiger needs to get it together!



  • wuzzy


    • Lucy

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  • ginobli

    who cares tell her stop spending her money on the college guy lol women kill me

  • Do more reading

    When will he learn to deal with these kinda women AFTER midnite?? sigh, all those dollars and no common sense.

    • Chitowninthehouse

      LMAO at the after midnight comment…you’re so right!

  • http://www.aol.com Ben


  • lana

    Smart lady! Good Mom. Give him hell! Protect your babies!

  • Tm30

    I wouldn’t want her around the kids not for the DUI but for the fact that they just practically started dating. They just divorced the other day, give the kids time to adjust to mom and dad being divorced first. When the relationship is leading to marriage, then you introduce them to your young children. There is no sense in introducing them to someone who’s going to be out of their lives in a few months. I’m an adult and I have issues with it. I’ve told my siblings I am tired of being introduced to someone you know you’re not going to be with for the long term.

  • 614grind

    Whatever Elin. You divorced him, remember? Now you still think you got control over his life??? Get yo gold diggin azz TFOH.

  • lana

    Dig for gold for your sons and daughters! Google the Japanese aviator of Elln with the golf club swinging on Tiger….trophy material.

  • wifey06

    typical scorned baby mom/ex wife.

    These women need to remember the same move you pull on him is the same move he pull on you once she grows up and gets over it.

    to hold threaten and hold your kids from him regardless is petty and tacky. Act like an adult and communicate and make arrangements.

    but we all know bitter women go this route- heck I shake my head at my girlf friends and be glad that crap not me. I do not go that route.

    Have faith in God first and live your life.

    Then if something
    happens say something but she But puttingit out there like this is just is petty and bitter. yes she is younge cuter and more fun but get over and and move on.

  • gensis

    u cant blame her…i wouldnt want my kids around that type of lifestyle either…if hes that stupid to want to live in it thats on him..he should b man enough to c better for his kids….wow he makes some poor choices

  • greencard

    Rflol advice from wifey #6….that’s right girl its your turn to have him and help pay bills so he can pay HIS child support ….that holy roller put God twist is always good. Funniest thing I ever seen on court TV was when the Judge told new pregnant wifey to shut up sit down and that he was not going to lower child support payments because ” new wife is expecting”.

  • Nana

    #Rumor #Rumor #Rumor!!! I don’t believe this sh!t….»»»NEXT!

  • Skoopes

    Women, please remember, once the marriage/relationship is over, move on. You cannot control whom your ex dates or sees on a regular basis. Try as you will, but that is the reason for “separate but equal”. She can do as she chooses, as can he. You can not regulate what happens with your ex once it is over. Please get over yourselves.

  • shanice

    @Skoopes She’s not saying that he can’t date her. Where does it state that? She just doesn’t want some party girl around their kids. Especially with them being so young.

  • BOONDOCKS Disciple


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