Deion Sanders Says His Former Mentee Dez Bryant Needs Help Being A Man

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Dez Bryant

Deion Sanders took a moment out of his day today to go in on his former mentee, Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant has recently gotten himself in a little trouble recently for acting up in a Texas mall after security asked him and his friends to pull their pants up (SMH):

Deion Sanders, who stopped mentoring Dez Bryant months ago, strongly criticized the Dallas Cowboys receiver in reaction to the criminal trespass warning given to Bryant over the weekend at a Dallas mall. “I’m upset but not surprised whatsoever,” Sanders said on The Ben & Skin Show on ESPN 103.3 FM in Dallas. Sanders described Bryant’s behavior at NorthPark Center on Saturday as “ignorant.”

Wow. Dez is on some bullshyte though:

The 2010 first-round pick was issued the warning after an off-duty police officer requested that Bryant and his friends pull up their pants because their underwear was showing and Bryant responded with repeated profanity, according to the police report. “I feel like the cop was in the wrong here more than anything,” Bryant told on Friday. “Don’t just make it seem like I went off and had a hot head for no reason. That’s the only thing I did wrong — I used profanity.”

Still Sanders said Bryant has issues stemming from his difficult childhood.

“He needs help. He needs help,” Sanders said. “I told the Cowboys from Day One that he needs help. Matter of fact, they have a team in place to help him. But you cannot tell a grown man what to do. I don’t have a problem with you lying to me. That’s one thing,” Sanders said. “But when you lie to yourself as a man, you have a serious problem and that’s where this kid is. And I can’t condone it. I really can’t. It tarnishes everything else I’m trying to develop in these kids [in his youth program]. I can’t allow you to poison other kids that I’m trying to mentor and take to another level.”

To which Dez replied:

“I wish Deion would come to me as a man and talk to me,” Bryant told “I’ve been reaching out to Deion. I’ve never done anything wrong to Deion or disrespected him. I’ve never lied to Deion.”

Well that sounds like a lot of drama, but if Dez doesn’t see anything wrong with him being a grown a$s millionaire man walking around the NorthPark Center mall with hisdrawls hanging out….then that guy does need help and perhaps a new mentor at that!

Dez Bryant catches his breath after performing drills during a pro football workout day

Yes this man definitely sounds like he needs some help in the “manning up” department, but ladies he’s not bad to look at…SMH.



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