Kimmy Cakes Disses Thirsty New York Rangers Hockey Players Trying To Spit Their Coldest Game!

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kim kardashian middle finger

Just because you skate on ice, doesn’t mean you have smooth moves.

Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez watched the Arizona vs. Connecticut NCAA game at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen Saturday night. Kim Kardashian came to meet LaLa, but proved a big distraction for ex-New York Rangers Bryan Berard, Brian Leetch and Adam Graves across the room. Kim left early, and a spy tells us, “On her way out, the Rangers introduced them selves to her. The guys tried to charm Kim — she was polite but not interested. They even tried getting her phone number.”

How all three of y’all punk a**es gonna try to holla at the girl at the same time?!? Here’s a tip: One person go talk, the other two sit and sip Gatorade to quench the “thirst”…SMH.

Check out pics of Kim with her baller beau Kris Humphries in NYC this weekend below:


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  • Oooh Weee!!

    OMG, I just agreed w “I Am Legend”…. #speechless! Surely the end of dayz must be near!!! LOL

    (No, seriously… I agree.😄😄 )

    • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

      You know you agree with everything I say

  • calista

    Her kind knows those real white do with her kind!

  • calista

    Her kind knows what WHITE MEN do with her kind!

  • Oooh Weee!!


    But I DO know a broken clock iz right twice a day.

  • Nana

    A Hockey Player? Who wants 2 date a hockey player when u can date a b’ball player!

  • missy

    The professional athlete must be black or half black, or Kim Kardashian has no interest in them. Her NBA player boyfriend is half black.

  • Tracy

    Wow early morning. Degredation, slander, haters and ignorant racist. We are off to our usual bosssip day. SMDH!


    If you’re not black with a fat wallet she’s not interested.

    • krishumpries is white and not black

      her man looks more white than black lol

    • Jay

      Dahonestruth(aka Kris is white)@ Kris Humprhies, if you have ever been to a Nets game looks mixed and not really white. He looks like my cousin. Kris also considers himself a black male not mixed, surprisingly. Jealousy doesnt look good on you Dahonestruth, try to be reserved a little more and stop acting like an insecure child. I hope kim is really into this kid because Kris is a nice a dude.

  • whodat

    All the guys want to holla. Funny!

  • kerry(i'm on a's called charlie sheen)

    Go Kimmy.

  • JaZzIe91

    You have to be black with a fat wallet to ride that ride. #LEGGO

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      or @ least 1/4 black lol

  • yvonne

    I thought white dudes must know by now shes not interested in them

    • df

      she is with kris humpries that a white boy sweetie not a black man

  • starlite

    “Oh Ray, my p***y is gonna explode!”- Kim Kardashian

  • J-BYRD

    Ha…she gave Ray J some of her mayo…..trick please…..

  • Uhh yeah ok

    Some hockey players are fine. Just make sure they have all their teeth.. lol

  • sunshinescloset


  • Daisy Jay

    I really don’t understand this chick. She brings attention onto herself by being a skank, but gets angry when dogs drool and pant over her. She’s like a woman who dresses like a stripper and demands the same respect a Michelle Obama receives daily. I don’t get it…..

    I just know that her “boyfriend” better savor the time he’s spending with her because she’s a persistent player of the infamous Leap Frog game. Always hopping from one d!ck to the next. And the sad part is that she’s good at it…..

    But I hope none of you women stress over her. She only goes after athletes – we all know jocks have the IQ of a broken toothpick. No real man would want anything to do with her. So I shall spare Ms. Kim of all the jokes I’ve got…. She’s not worth it.

    • Street Pharmacist

      [Nods Head]

    • Witchcraft

      True, but I still can’t help it see how foine her bf is, I cant wait till he dumps her, and she’s so much older than him smh

    • chaka1

      She is a fraud. She’s not even a real celebrity.

  • Tia

    Love the comment RealTV-applause!

  • JustAshley

    Kim looks an entirely different ethnicity in this pic.

  • mich

    she looks cute in the picture with the white top,not overdone.




  • G. Howe Black

    Leetch is a hall of famer.

  • longhair don't care

    that man kris humpries is a straight up white boy aint nothing black in that man lol

  • Nik

    Dudes have seen where this chick’s mouth has been and they still want her???


    Hockey players are notorious for getting the best looking women out there. They don’t run through the same tired groupies that chase after basketball and football players. Never could figure out why,but those guys,with their scarred up faces and missing teeth,get top of the line women. ON the Hockey scale Kim is probably a 6 compared to what those dudes are used to.

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