Some Birthday Preciousness: Ginuwine, Sole, And Tameka “Raymond” Have A Joint Birthday Party For Their Kids [Pics!]

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Ginuwine and Sole’s daughter Story and Tameka “Raymond’s” son Kile had a joint 10th birthday party KangaZoom on Saturday.

No sign of Ursh…guess his invite was “lost in the mail”

Flip through the pages to peep the pics.



    great looking cake! :-)

    • HTOWN


  • KKO

    More like Urshy just wasn’t invited.

  • Trina

    That’s not Usher’s kid, duh. He came from a previous relationship

    • Lady A

      I was thinking the same thing. That ain’t that mans kid so no he wasn’t there. You only go to the party if your still together. And why is she still going by Raymond she needs to change her name back to Foster.

  • Blocker

    Her name is Story? Hmmm I guess that’s nice. Lmaooo @ “Raymond”. She needs to return his last name. I feel like when women do that their still hanging on to the best. And right that’s not Ushers son! She had like 3-4 other from previous relationship(s). :)

    • Natalie

      People that get behind computers to hate on other happy people, crack me up. I cant really understand that. Sole is still maried to her man, Tameka is doing major things in business apparently. and Usher is on a world tour, so he likely wouldnt be at his ex step sons party. the name thing is stupid, Kimora, and many other women have kept their EX husbands names, I am quite sure that he takes no issue with it. Why should you ‘blog readers”?? Thats their business not ours, maybe he ASKED her to keep his name for his little 2 boys sake. I dont knw but it makes perfect sense.

  • shawn

    Tamekas son looks like Jordan from the bernie mac show. And that cake looks like its from the dollar store. Black folks we need to do better.

    • GA by way of CA

      *dead*@dollar store cake…#wheretheydothatat?

    • deena braxton

      shawn that’s FUNNY !!!!!

    • deena braxton

      shawn that was some FUNNY stuff you said about those rich people LOL

  • tommykimon

    Cute kids, Also what’s up with Sole’s face? I don’t remember her looking like that a couple of years ago.

    • what da?

      i thght she looked hella funny…lol

  • currvalicious

    Yes! she looks a little off in the face, she indeed had work done. Obviously in her cheeks, and who knows where else. but she didnt need it. How could she afford it anyway, what has she or Genuwine been up to?

  • mona

    Sole Sole Sole..WTF happened to u girl? Even her body look crazy..ill proportioned. that cake looks cheap, Walmart makes better looking sheet cakes than that mess. I usually try to be positve, but uhh yeah. The kids look cute. and Juwanna man (Tameka) is a lil pushed up on G, don’t yall think?

  • Nana

    @Blocker Tameka RAYMOND is the name on the check!



  • Teal_Blade

    I had a dream that Tameka was my stylist.. Hey that is sweet that G and Sole are still together tho..

  • leslie

    Sole’s cheeks look like that pointy stugg Lady Gaga wore to one of them award shows….

  • prissa

    That cake looks cute 2 me. Looks like fun times.

  • wtfever

    Love Ginuwine and Sole, Maybe Tameka isnt all that horrible as people have said.

  • Where U At

    WTF do Tameka Foster have on!! And her hair looks a damn mess, Usher couldn’t left her with much because she looks as if she’s struggling! And the cake is straight Kroger special. U mean the two of them couldn’t come up with a better cake!

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