And This Guy Is Supposed To Be Adopted???

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tom cruise and son connor cruise

Here is Tom Cruise with his teenage son, Connor, at the Lakers game this weekend. Last time we checked, Tom and Nicole Kidman adopted Connor when they were still married, but from the looks of this pic, Connor looks like he has some certified Cruise DNA running through his veins.

Perhaps Tom cheated on Nicole with a black woman and Scientology-mindtricked her into saying they adopted. SMH.



  • Matix B

    Yeah they have the exact same nose, must be his love child.

    • WTF!

      so funny, I’ve always said & thought that this boy was his real child, they look just alike. When I 1st seen him as a little boy I was like oh Tom had him a sister, then they said the child was adopted, I’m like yeah right, the real momma just m.i.a

    • Sally

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  • Oooh Weee!!

    Well u know what old ppl say…

    “Feed ’em long enough and they’ll start looking like u.”

  • AlldaWayEuropeanBossipin

    Its his Son!! Only Black ppl. Dare tell the truth… this will come out.

    Prolly the son is reading this and askin for a DNA test!

  • dommydivine

    That’s his son pplz can’t b that stupid

    • Candy Barr

      They think Michael Jackson’s “children” are his, so why not?

  • Hey

    OMGee they look so much a like : O

  • Jay

    That is his adopted son, he is not related to Tom Cruise at all. Conner is indeed biracial but Conner is not his real son.

    • likostar

      Are you Blind or Stupid?

    • lisa227

      And how the hell would you know?

    • Jimmy blue balls


      Stop trying to be clever, did you read the caption underneath the picture you r*t*rd, DUH!

    • schoolteacher7

      Mr. Jay,
      Look at the eyes, the teeth, the nose, and the smile. Money can make you pay off a lot people to keep a scandal low.

    • jake

      @Jay you are sooo stupid using the n-word, it is not that serious. I am welsh and came across this site through a celeb website. this is a rumor all over the internet now because that kid obviously looks like he is tom cruise’s son. With his weird Scientology crap I believe it is true.

    • likostar

      Ok Stupid…

    • Thaddious

      Jay’s entitled to his opinion, even if you disagree; no reason to be offended.

      But Jay, I thought YOU had enough of the knowledge NOT to call your people that name.

      We shouldn’t call each other ‘negro,’ let alone THAT. You’re talking to your brothers and sisters.

      Gods build people up. Devils tear people down.

      That’s not YOUR true nature; It’s the result of growing up in THEIR society.

    • Thaddious

      You’re gonna let the ignorance of the people on this site pull you down to their level?

      Whenever you do or say anything with malicious intent (the desire to hurt someone) you’re doing evil, like a devil.

      You could’ve dropped knowledge, cleared their ignorance, and done it as a God.

    • WRONG!

      @ Jay,I don’t know what race you are,but you sound so ignorant!Someone asked earlier if you’re blind or stupid?I have to say you’re both.If you are black then Jim Crow did his job concerning you(teaching self hatred),if you’re not black then what the H.E.L.L are you doing on a black website?@ Thaddious you said people on here were the reason for his n-bomb attack & that he could let God use him?You are indeed as ignorant as he is!

  • Uhh Yeah Ok™

    lol They even have the same slightly pudgy hands.


    *in my Maury voice* Tom… you ARRRE the father!!

    • Mona


    • Canadaian Connection

      @Karrma, I love the voice…”Tom YOU ARE THE FATHER!”
      yep..he is the father.

  • PrettyLady08

    They do favor each other a little bit

  • lani3000


  • Lisa

    There are many cases in Hollywood’s past of celebrities adopting their own children. Lorretta Young is an infamous case of that happening. She adopted her own biological children to avoid a scandal of pregnancy outside of wedlock.

  • BritishGirl

    Lmao!!! Who knows.

  • jess

    I’ve always said that . He looks JUST like him . @jay -what do you mean he is indeed biracial .. Yeah meaning tom was getting his swirl on .

  • grady

    he looks like that little blue monster from lilo and stitch

    yeah he look like stitch

  • anon

    They look exactly alike that’s his all day long

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