Poor Thing! Willow Smith’s Broadway Dream Dies Slowly

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Is it a wrap for Willow Smith’s Broadway dreams?

Creator of “Glee” and the coveted director of the anticipated “Annie” remake Brian Smith, is saying buh bye to Broadway and killing Willow’s dream in the process.

Can big papa Smith keep the dream alive?

“The director of the upcoming “Annie” remake starring Willow Smith has quit. Ryan Murphy, who created the hit musical show “Glee,” dropped out of the film after “talks broke off.”

According to Deadline, he was both Sony Pictures and Will Smith‘s choice of director, but it looks like they’ll have to find another.

Both Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are locked in as producers, and Jay-Z is planning to handle the musical side of the project.

With Jay-Z on the bill, and mama and papa Smith on roll call, “Annie” may just go from flop to the top…



  • tommykimon

    It would be cute to see a black Annie

  • w


  • SMH

    yeah, it would be cute to see a black Annie….but preferable someone who actually has talent to play the role.

    • FaReelDoe

      Thank YOU!!!! And also someone whose parents MAKE TIME for the talented child to get her education. Willow needs to take her little arse to school.

  • juicyjustiss

    what? no paid advertisements for dating sites nobody cares about and everybody is annoyed by? lol

  • Mrs. Rance

    I wonder why talks broke down?

  • Pebblebeach

    who is this child…

  • ebonyblonde


  • really?

    Now you know her parents will buy B’way and pay an audience for Willow.

  • ~ChynaPeach~


  • CocoT

    I personally don’t want to see Annie revamped as if it were The Wiz and secondly don’t want to see the Smiths, Camel or their child starring. Do some justice and create projects and tell stories about people of color.

  • http://twitter.com/negro_se_elevab

    Willow would do a good job playing Annie, she is a talented girl.


    I don’t know why people keep pumping this girl with thoughts that she is talented. I mean really??? WE all know she would remain a nobody were it not for her parents. Why do people jump on her bandwagon just because she is the same race as they are?

  • Sandra

    1. Just because Willow Smith is Black does not give her an automatic “IN” with black people.
    2. Does she have a leg up in hollywood because her parents are who they are- YEP!, but guess what… she can only ride that coat tail for a short while, at some point she will have to prove her own worth and I believe that her parents are preparing her for that reality.
    3. Willow did not choose her parents, GOD did! If you have a problem with that then I suggest you take that up with the man upstairs rather than dumping on a child.

  • DMV Guy

    EWWW! She looks too much like her dad.

  • w

    I love willow but if she don’t look like the Road Runner in this pic!!! Beep Beep!!

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