Lamar Odom Goes Topless For New Khloe & Lamar Promo Pics

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Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Reality Show Promo Pics

Here are some more promo pics of “Khlomar” for their new reality show, and someone thought it was a good idea for Lamar to take his top off.

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  • joey

    well……if he looked any better….then all of the black women would be spewing hate on khloe….he aint no reggie bush so she might not get hated on too bad…..but he is a baller so black women will hate her for that.

    • SMOKEY

      we LOVE them, at least they’re married!

    • Sally

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  • The truth

    Black women needs to learn how to keep a man period and stop hating on females of other races.

    • eliteliberal

      Black women know how to keep a man but mix breed women and black men want to second rate black women and they won’t stand down. What, you want black women to fall back and act like they’re not rated because of who they are and the color of their skin? get real

    • PrettyLady08

      Nobody even said anybody about interracial couples BUT YOU so how about you quit trolling.

    • chaka1

      I don’t mind interracials. I just hate the Kartrashians for their fakeness, self-obsession, and fugery. They are way too overexposed to be believed.

  • joey

    aint that the truth! Theyre getting out of control with the hate! They still hate kim k for having reggie bush….and she aint even with the dude anymore!

  • none of ur damn business!

    @ Joey , I’am black woman and Khole is my favorite one out of the family. Trust there’s no hating here….Team Khole ;)

  • Judy

    I like them together can’t wait for their show!

  • joey

    oh shut up tommy……ur an evil black woman.

  • joey

    ur an idiot….black women are proffesional what? Degrees in what? That stement is a joke like yourself….only ur a bad joke ben… do u know if they love each other or not trick? U go to bed with them too? Another welfare recipient on here being a natural born hater towards women of another race….now get that through ur ebt headed behind.

    • ArmyWife

      Dude…do you have a degree, because all your sh*t is misspelled!!

      Someone with a degree

  • joey

    And ben must be laquisha from the block….or a crossdressing negro from hell!

  • ocapkid aka Mr Haiti

    He’s a fool lol she will clean him out soon or later

  • Ben

    Why does it make you so angry Joey when I mention black women in education. Maybe you need to go back to school. You are a poorly educated poor excuse for a man.Most graduates in the black community are women, most bachelors degrees in the black community are gained by women.Again for your small brain that is what black womnen are doing getting an education not obsessed with these two who will be divorced and in court one day.This union is based on supply and demand not love accept it move on.

  • joey

    ooookay laquisha. Ur so full of it u cant stand it…everybody knows that black women obssesed with food and being jealous of women of other races….and u are truly one of them. If u hoes and busy being haters ur busy tearing up a burger king over some cheese! Or worshipping some thug that ur so called educated behinds can only get. And once again, black women getting degrees in what?

  • justsaying

    @ Ben:

    If you are a college educated black female as you professed, I suggest that you may want to rethink your arguement of “supply and demand” in relationship to this issue. Educated women do not discriminate solely based on race – we truly need to move beyond this. Does Barrack Obama come to mind!!!justsaying

  • Donnetta Lyons

    Nice pic. Nice body Lmar. Khloe u go girl!!!

  • Ben

    justsaying sorry but I do not understand what you are saying.I responded to sad Joey claiming that black women obsess about people like this when clearly black women have lives.
    Also I did not know that I was now a well educated black women.
    I feel for some black men who can only get pride by thinking white women what them, black men with white wives have the highest divorce rate, that is supply and demand right there.

    • Divine

      Joey seems obsessed with hating black people.

      And given that the highest divorce rate of black men and white women, is it black men who cant please white women or vice versa?

  • joey

    u got a degree in being a hateful rachet ghetto queen ben. U keep talking about education like u know about it? Adult school dont count ratchet! So try again….cuz as a hard working tax payer… tired of paying for ur bootleg hoodrat corner weave.

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