Seen On The Scene: Keri Hilson, Kevin Hart, And More Attend The “Beautiful People Party” (Photos)

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Keri Hilson GUESS and Paper Magazine host The Beautiful People Party

Mz. Keri Baby, Kevin Hart, and Leon attended GUESS and Paper Magazine’s “The Beautiful People Party” in Los Angeles last night

No comment on Keri’s fit. More pics below:




    i love her jeans. But that hair completly washes her out.

  • Tami_Lane

    Aside from th ehair she looks cute. Bringing that 80’s Guess vibe. Fitting since it is a Guess event.

  • Franny

    Is Keri bleaching? Keri was never light skinned she was brown skinned when she first came out. Now she almost as light as Mariah Carey.

    • Guest

      I don’t know if she’s bleaching her skin but something is amiss with those pictures. Maybe the light blond hair, makeup and lighting are washing out her complexion. Regardless, she looks a mess.

    • Thaddious

      I called it as soon as she died her hair blond.

      Do a Google image search – She looked like a beautiful BLACK Goddess when she started out.

      But now…

  • Nana

    Keri can’t put together an outfit to save her life! Yeah its 80’s vibe, but she couldve styled herself BETTER!

  • Intrinsic Beauty

    Love Keri but her outfit is wack as fxck. She has way too much going on.

  • Daisy Jay

    Whoa, for a second I thought that was Courtney Love *shrug*

    Dude….why is Leon so…………. *drools* I love that man….. *daydreams*

    • JaZzIe91

      mhmm Leon is FOINE. Cynthia should have stayed with that instead of getting with Peter Uncle Ben looking a*s. #UpgradeFail

  • Nana

    Lol @daisy jay……Leon IS foin!

  • tommykimon

    Keri looks a mess the hair, outfit everything. Leon is still very handsome.


    I think the blond hair and the flashes of from the cameras may have contributed to her lighter appearance. It’s odd that most of you will never see these people in person but comment as if pics are law. Get out the house.

    • Ioann

      LMAO @ Get out the house. True. Keri was always light skinned though. I dont know what people are talking about.

  • ladylove

    I think Keri looks okay. The outfit isn’t that bad. She’s channelling that mid-80s Guess vibe. I like it. But maybe she should hook up with Rhianna’s stylist. She’s still a very pretty girl…rock girl!

  • soso

    lol @ keri not being light skinned apparently you dont know what “brown skin” looks like gtfoh but she does look a mess

  • Bopa

    Can someone get a memo to Keri that she looks old for her age and going blond and dressing like a pirate isn’t a good look. She looks like an old washed up woman trying to look younger than her age.

  • Hey

    I thought Keri was a white woman in this pic

    • JaZzIe91

      me too

  • biwinning

    Well beautiful people party well……..where are the beautiful people

  • Matix B

    Damn…That is not pretty girl swag.Smh she’s whiter than my white moms….

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