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The Sisters-Simmons are getting their own reality show:

They may have moved out of their father’s house, but ‘Run’s House’ fans can expect to see more of the lovely older daughters of Run-DMC rapper Reverend Run when their own reality series gets underway. Angela and Vanessa Simmons revealed to that the new MTV spin-off, will be called ‘Daddy’s Girls,’ and will follow their “lives in L.A. and what’s going on with us,” since making the bi-coastal move from The Big Apple. Expect the new series to showcase the sisters as they evolve their popular ‘Pastry’ shoe and clothing line into another more grown-up brand, in addition to embarking upon other exciting ventures.Over the past few years, MTV viewers have watched Vanessa go from ‘Ford’ model to ‘The Guiding Light’ soap star. She tells us, “[I’m] still doing acting and I’m moving along…I appreciate my process because that’s going to make me stronger in the end and the best talent that I can possibly give the world.” She just began filming a new movie opposite Marques Houston last week. And, while Vanessa locks down the acting roles between the duo, Angela, who serves as executive editor of her own magazine, ‘Angela’s Rundown,’ has her eye on music. She recently dropped a Gwen Stefani-esque song called ‘Center of Attention’ and premiered the video on the official Pastry website. Coincidentally, Angela’s love life has been the center of a lot of her fans attention. People buzzed that she was seeing rapper Bow Wow after appearing in his video for ‘Shortie Like Mine,’ but Angela put all those rumors to rest when she began publicly dating pro skateboarder Terry Kennedy.

Silly stuff like working hard, perfecting your talent, and striving for success are things “ordinary people” do. It must be nice to have movie roles, clothing lines, and reality shows for no apparent reason…(sad face and kicking a rock)



  • denayk

    First…but who cares…?

  • Lacombe Redbone (...Now You Wanna Shoot Off My Pinky Toe!)


  • Its the Foosa

    Id watch just for Vanessa

  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign "The presence of the clock gave birth to the notion that time lies outside our bodies" When you study Egypt you'll see the truth written by the Masters)

    I could see now this show would be annoying as hell to me

  • Oshie - lay down on the floor, I want the Gs and the money or everybody gotta Go

    It figures….

  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    Wake me up when its the weekend…

  • Yvonne

    Well I am happy for them.

    I am glad to see two level-headed young women like them get a reality show compared to certain reality shows where skanks who dresses like a hoochie, slobbering over a dozen men and fighting like idiots with each other over nothing is their only claim to reality show fame.

  • Tammy

    Just keep it real like Keyshia Cole and stop sugar coating. I mean I really like them I just hope it’s not staged/rehearsed.

  • Kaiya

    What happened to Run’s house? 3 new episodes came on and that was it.

    I can’t wait to see their new show.

  • bootlegger


  • Her Shoe Addiction

    Cute Shoes!

  • kenya

    say what you will, but these two are some of the most positive young women out there right now. i appreciate that they have thier own businesses, and are not prostituting themselves. I’m glad little black girls have some positive role models to look up to…and both of thier shoes are too cute

  • Razzell Dazzell

    I love this family. Who ever is hating, do something positive for yourself–it feels good sometimes. These are “real” girls, Angela may be a bit much sometimes, but I love the family dynamics. Great examples to little and big brown girls everywhere. You go girls!

  • AzzedineAliaFan

    who the f*** are these chicks?? i don’t get them? why are they “famous”

  • DC_Diva

    Yaaaay. I love these girls. They are intelligent, business owners, determined and gorgeous. Great role models. I will be watching regularly.

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