What Men Wish We Knew

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As I frequently question my ability to understand men, I have finally come to the realization that men and women are utterly different creatures; and maybe these different creatures aren’t for me to completely understand. Where we see white, they see black. Things that appear complex to us are simple and easy to them; and most of the situations that consume our thoughts, they could actually care less about. The differences are so vast, yet some of us seem to rationalize a man’s behavior by what we would actually do or not do.

As I talked to numerous men about relationships, I was shocked to hear some of their opinions on the misconceptions women have about them when it comes to love. Most of them carried a varying theme claiming that women just don’t understand certain things about men. So for the ladies who solicit all of your advice from other women, you may be surprised to hear some of the things men wish we knew about them, spoken straight from men.

Take notes…if you care. (Continued at MadameNoire.com)

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