What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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Lauryn Hill Performs in Atlanta

Is that… SWEAT???

Lauryn Hill returned to Atlanta last night to make up for her January show, that had received quite a bit of backlash.

Lauryn Hill Performs in Atlanta

Presented by the Muddy Water Group, it looks like the show was a lot more perspiration than inspiration. But to be fair, she is rocking like six sweaters up in that jawn. SMH!

Photo Credit @iamlilliemae


  • chimpout.com

    what a hideous freak

    • chimpout.org

      my reply above only means that i wish i was there. i really like lauren.

    • Laughing @ You!

      And what do you call your self then WASP.SHEEP LOVER.just to name a few!

  • PRE


    • JayJay Growlings


  • Uguess

    Yeah I’m scared ?

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  • nursedred

    I love Lauren hill but why she gotta look like a nut case ever time she performs live. She’s getting as bad as Nicki minaj with these clown get ups. Just sing the song already

  • Who left the gate open?

    Too much going on.She look like she wearing everything she owns.

  • suga

    I used to like Lauren’s music, but she seems to get messier with every concert she does.

  • QueenLove

    Gayle King had the same sweat spots this morning while on air and she was just sitting down.

    It takes a lot to make me sweat but hey evey stinking armpit is different.

  • thesaneone

    she doesnt look well. really sad.

  • leilani

    Um… please tell me what vacation Lauryn is on, because I don’t want to go there… don’t get me wrong, I love her music, but its likes gone in her mind… I understand if she is aware of her ethnicity and culture, but wow…. she doesn’t have to wear everything in the closet.. lol

  • whodat

    Lauren looks worse than Fantasia! How the hell does that happen!(question mark)

  • blackpowerbabybaby

    whatnursedred said :)
    this is why lauryn hill went over my head in high school
    the way she dressed
    maybe i would have listened to her “conscious music” if she looked like she came from the black community and not an illuminati costume thats supposed to rep revolution or whatever

  • Peppa

    Lauren rules..Always have and always will.

    • Detroit


  • Unico

    people sweat… what issue is that exactly?

  • ZORA

    perspiration is news? fail!

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