EFF A Thug: Wheelchair Bound Man Faces Charges After Using Bat To Beat Perv Who Molested Granddaughter!!!

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We don’t see any crime here officers.

This February (2/22) 57-year-old Frank Hebert — who is paraplegic — invited his (female) partner’s son-in-law Joshua A. Hardy to meet him at his Martha’s Vineyard computer repair shop for a chat… that involved him confronting the 27-year-old suspected child molester about touching his granddaughter. Armed with only a bat, Hebert attempted to hold Hardy while awaiting the police, but the younger man laughed at him and refused to stay seated or wait.

Here is where the bat came in handy.

“I’m not a hero, that’s for damn sure,” Hebert said of beating the accused molester with his Louisville slugger. “I’d do it again tomorrow, knowing the consequence. I didn’t have a choice. A 10-year-old kid could take me. This is not about me. This is about a tiny child. I would never tell her I took a risk for her. I’d tell her I loved her.”

Unfortunately, police are charging Hebert with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

They can’t be serious…

Meanwhile Hardy is behind bars on three charges of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, one count of enticing a child and one count of disseminating obscene material. A police investigation into separate accusations resulted in further charges based on two incidents in January involving another alleged victim. Hardy’s bail is set at $125,000.

SMH… That ain’t enough. That mf’er is the one who needs to be without use of his legs — or his hands or d*ck.

The child that sent Hebert into action is his life partner’s granddaughter, but he considers her his own. His life partner’s daughter married the accused last summer, but by Christmas Hebert said his granddaughter began asking for help.

It was during a visit in February that Hebert’s partner took her daughter and granddaughter to the mainland to speak with police, while he asked Hardy into meeting him at work. Left without the use of his legs following a car accident ten years ago, the concerned grandfather said he brought the bat with him out of “fear.”

“All I had was a 39-inch-long baseball bat,” he said. “I never intended to hit him. If I was a standing man, I wouldn’t have brought a bat, but without it, I am a bloody ragdoll.”

Damn shame. All the crime in the world and they’re prosecuting a man who did what too many people are afraid to do. SMH.



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