Quote Of The Day: Toya Carter Says She’s ‘Much More Than Just Weezy’s Baby Mama’

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Antonia Carter

We can’t imagine why anyone would take issue with constantly being associated with a syrup slurping, blunt totin,’ ex-convict father of four (by four) with tattoos all over his face…

Weezy F. I Got A Lot Of Baby Mamas’ ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Carter has had about enough of folks treating her like she’s just one of the random many women the rapper has planted seeds in! She said about as much in a recent interview with VIBE magazine:

Was it [writing the book] difficult because you don’t want to keep connecting yourself to Wayne?

That situation is so hard. People feel like I’m going to always be connected to Wayne because that’s how I was introduced into the spotlight, but I feel like I’m much more than just his baby mama. It’s just crazy because everything I try to better myself it’s always “That’s just Wayne’s baby mama.” I open my store and people come to the store and it’s “That’s Wayne’s baby mama’s store” or I do my own show and it’s “Wayne’s baby mama got her own show now” or I write a book and it’s “Oh it’s a tell-all about Wayne,” so I feel like I can’t dodge that situation. I can see if I was sitting around waiting for Wayne to make things happen for me, but I’m making things happen for myself and I still get that stereotype. But I won’t let that stop me from doing me, but it does bother me sometimes because I can’t help who I fell in love with and had a kid by.

I feel that. Is that the reason why you refer to Wayne as Dream in the book?

Yeah I tried to avoid his name period because I’m just sick of it, but that’s my life and my book is about my life, but I was just like I don’t want to say his name. When I first started writing everybody had a different name for privacy purposes, but then I thought about it and put my real family members’ names back in becaue of the reality show, but I just didn’t want to put Wayne’s name in it. He supports the book 100% though and he did the forward for me.

She’s got a point. Toya has been hustlin’ harder than Ace Hood.

Keep in mind Toya was only 14 when she opened her legs to Wayne. What’s your excuse Lauren London???

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