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Jim Brown shared his thoughts on MJ and Kobe:

The way Brown sees it, many of today’s athletes are simply in it for the money and celebrity, refusing to accept responsibility for having a huge impact on the culture around them. And he’s not afraid of naming names. “Athletes need to represent more than that just getting a big contract and lots of endorsements,” he says. “Take Michael Jordan. To me, he’s full of bull. He’s hiding his true self. All he cares about is getting ahead, being popular and enjoying the wealth of this country. Same with Kobe Bryant. For them, it’s all about making money and doing all the commercials.” Brown expects more from today’s athletes. After all, he walked the walk. When Muhammad Ali was stripped of his heavyweight title and threatened with jail time for refusing to register for the draft during the Vietnam War, it was Brown and Boston Celtics star Bill Russell who led a contingent of black athletes who offered Ali their support. “Sports is detrimental to the development of culture if all you’re willing to do is enjoy the fruits of this country,” he says. “You’ve got to reinvest in the culture, not just exploit it. Today people just want non-combative heroes, who smile and say all the right things. That’s fine, but that doesn’t mean you have to play the fool and shake your butt just because you caught a pass for a touchdown.”

Although we have always loved MJ, and ‘no comment’ on Kobe, those two guys have been almost non-existent when it comes to real issues facing Black America.

The Question of the Day is: Are athletes like MJ and Kobe responsible for investing in a positive future for Black America solely based on the fact that they are successful athletes?



  • the don


  • SpearChucker

    they look out for #1

  • CC

    Thats a dumb question, well i take it back they say no question is a dumb question

    ANYBODY who is BLACK should take responsibility for thier people and communities by investing and getting involved in thier communties. Any Asian person should do the same with other Asians and any White person should do the same with thier people. Then we all can co-exist substantially. MJ and Kobe and 99% of the actors, athletes, singers(beyonce) etc are just Sambos. The truth is the truth and the sooner you realize it the better.

    Im having a hard time figuring how Barack is suppose to unite people and Black people aren’t united within thier own Race.

    Jim Brown aint neva lied.

  • daniel

    what do you want them to do.

  • Cybberops

    They are absolutely responsible! Arizona was one of the last states to respect the MLK day…MJ, Magic and a host of other top paid/elite players continue to showcase their talents in AZ during this period and NOT ONE of them said a thing about how much of a BLACKEYE this was giving ALL Americans. So I have to agree with JB. Stand for something other than a check. OH yea, this goes for the Rappers/RB singers and the lot of celebrities!

  • Cybberops

    Daniel…doing NOTHING…means nobody cares. Is that the message we want to send? Just asking?

  • BK Livin Love Dig

    All these old negro ways of getting the point across does not cut it anymore.

  • Wait a Minute

    Of course it’s their responsibility. It kills me to see how few causes athletes with major money are supporting. They’re looking for a check written out to them instead of giving back. People (especially alot of black folks) these days don’t give a damn about their community or the welfare of the world they’re living in, as long as they have their white girl on their arm and money to spend, spend, spend.

    It’s all about giving back and not forgetting where you came from, but these guys will never learn. MJ included, but KOBE worst of all!

  • Clutch

    But why are we assuming the MJ and Kobe don’t give back? I know that MJ has a huge community center in Chicago that was designed for underpriviledged kids. Sur emore cna be done….but how do we know what these individuals do?

  • DMac

    They need to be advocates for ALL of America. Not just Black America.

    Poverty, Illiteracy, etc. They need to promote positivity and a stance against such things. If a white athlete like Drew Brees can make a difference in New Orleans, why can’t a black athlete reach out across inter-racial lines?

    (I would agree though that young, black america could benifit from strong black role models.)

  • CC

    I Have a Question:

    WHY do blacks seem to think that you can help anyone else but self first? THERE is nothing wrong or racist about uplifting SELF(meaning your people) first THEN helping other, can anyone PLEASE tell me a race that doesnt do that and think like that besides us? If you can help everybody but yourself that is self-hate, you cant help or do anything for anyone unless you can do for self 1st!

  • talley-b

    co-sign with DMac

  • BG

    To whom that allot is given, allot is expected….

    It comes with the job, being some sort of role model or at least giving back to your community. Although these guys are only human, they should take notes from Magic Johnson.

  • Billy Blog Thorton

    Mike and Kobe are too busy chasing behind their white women to give a sh!t about blacks and the community. It’s not until they get their own version of the “OJ” wake up call that they start to think about what it means to be black in this country and the responsibility they have as black celebrities. JB is on point. They and others like them are sell outs plain and simple. SMH

  • CC

    how they live thier lives is an example of what they do, its not hard to find out what MJ or KOBE are doing. Is there a such thing as the Black economy..No so your really don’t need to ask any further. opening up 1 or 2 or 3 community centers in your old neighborhood means very little when you have millions and could do this and much more accross all 50 states. There are people with NO MONEY who dedicate thier lives to the cause and give and do until they cant give anymore..and they were never millionairs to begin with. But money does not equate to the soul so its nothing new.

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