Shook Ones: Oprah Scared To Back Obama In 2012 For Fear Of Losing Viewers

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Barack Obama Oprah Winfrey

Talk about b*tchassness… Oprah isn’t trying to fawk up her paper, even if it means messing up Barry-O’s chances at winning a second term.

According to Popeater reports, one TV insider says Oprah is feeling the pressure of her OWN network and its struggle to find an audience so much that she won’t do ANYTHING that might alienate potential viewers.

“Unlike in 2008, when a drop in ratings didn’t matter as much for the queen of TV, Oprah is now fighting every day to get people to tune into OWN,” the insider divulged. “Helping a friend keep the most important job in the world is great, but making sure her OWN network thrives is now her priority.”

Harpo’s “Oprah Show” favorable ratings reportedly dropped in 2008 from 74%-66% and unfavorable ratings went up from 17% to 26% after she publicly announced she was backing then-Illinois senator Barack Obama. Those ratings also showed her audience had fallen by nearly 2 million viewers since 2005.

Considering that OWN’s ratings aren’t that great right now to begin with — Harpo ain’t taking no chances.

Long story short — don’t expect to see Ms. Winfrey tagging along with Barry-O during the 2012 campaign.

We knew Oprah cared a lot about those white folks that keep her bread coming in, but this is just ridiculous. She could be passing on a huge opportunity to actually create some OWN content people give a damn about. Not to mention, use her influence for something worth a damn.




  • stevetheque

    Don’t blame her one bit! Could cost her millions!

    • stevetheque

      If you owned a big business(Network) would you piss off your core demographics? She got where she is by catering to them not us! Case in point Glen Beck could do and say whatever he wanted a couple of years ago but as soon as he lost viewership and the ad revenues started drying up, his azz was kicked to the curb by FOX which is kinda ironic.It’s not about being scared it’s about an investment and a return on said investment! Bottom line she is a brand and will protect that brand!

    • Hajiya

      right on gypsy!

  • Gypsy

    some conservatives blogger trying to start rumors said that, they are just trying to find a way to scare off Oprah from supporting the president with her women fans.

    What the Repugnants/Republicans don’t know is that nothing scares Oprah, especially not lies.

  • :)

    smart move..

  • if anything be noble

    I believe just the opposite is true. I think Oprah is retiring now to help GET Obama reelected. Her ratings dropped so much in 2008 largely because Obama was running against Hillary Clinton and the white women who loved her wanted her to side with them and elect the first female president over the first Black president. They said as much, on tv crying and carrying on about how they thought Oprah was their sister…. But now that Obama would be Oprah’s obvious choice against the white Repubs or even a female Repub — translation: Sarah Palin — she can do some heavyduty Obama work and her white female supporters wouldn’t have the reason to feel so “betrayed” by her. (This goes back to what I think about the Ashley Judd Syndrome: white women want Black women to stand in solidarity with them over male oppression — read: Black men … meanwhile they have white men there with them. Smh)

    • MochaDreams

      Exactly! I’m tired of them always trying to push that feminism B.S. on us, and then not only do most of them still have their white men at home, some of them broads talk that ish and then have OUR men at home. Get out of here! My Black bros before white h.oes…

  • BarGolf

    Who cares if she is willing to sale her soul for money. She would not be the first Black person or the last to sale out for money.

  • Lies and d$amn Lies

    Republicans have nobody who can take on Obama and beat him, all their candidates are national jokes so they need to find a way to tear down Obama, so dyou have crazy Donald Trump running around saying Obama was not born in the USA, and Nuter-gender Gingrigh claiming that Obama hates America and now they are trying to start a rumor that people won’t support Obama re-election.
    Obama is 54% in the polls now before even beginning his campaign, so expect him to win be more 58% – 60% come 2012 election.

  • JM@gic

    Until she comes out and say it i dont believe it,but she is a Self hating black woman that part is still true

  • Booger Bear

    She was never a feminist nor goddess. She has always been a Mammy.

  • jeweleast9

    Oprah already did her part. She brought Barak Obama before her predomninately white fan base and made most of them even think about liking and voting for him – because they like her.

  • sportstalk23

    I call bullshyt on this for one reason, Oprah is about to bounce on her show after 25 year NEXT MONTH, so who cares about ticked off viewers hell she out. Besides their all trying their harderst to get on O last shows, you know it will be give away heaven lol

  • KeptWoman



    I thought she was canceling the show.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Yeah right! Ha! Much love to President Obama!

  • KT

    Her whole empire is built on caring about white people issues and she might no want to risk that.

  • Truth

    It wouldn’t matter if Oprah supported Obama… he’s still not going to get
    RE-elected!!! I’ll bet all of Oprah’s money on that!!! She’s a smart woman she knows he’s not going to be reelected so why should she even waste her time and money on it… especially if she will possibly lose viewers! Running for president is his dream…. Her dream is to have a successful network…. let him follow his and let her follow hers #noshade

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