Amber Rose And Her Lady Lumps In A Kini

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Amber Rose on The Beach In Barbados In A Bikini

Amber Rose is in Barbados and was seen getting her beach-frolic on with her cakes and boobies on blast…


  • Nana

    She looks fat in the face…..! Anyway I love her smile tho

    • kalifa

      make up makes her f*ckable :(

  • yvonne

    The stress of kanye dumping her has gotten to her, she looks fat.

  • Yaya

    she looks danm good lumps and all, my summer inspiration

    • d

      I agree the woman looks good…she looks like an everyday woman…

    • tommykimon

      I agree she looks really good and not everybody can rock the baldie look.

    • Trisha

      Yes! I think she looks good. You don’t have to be super skinny to wear a bikini. She got the “lumps” in the right places. & she’s not sloppy w/ it. I hate seeing big, sloppy chicks wearing bikini’s smh

  • Raina

    It’s crazy how she can still pull off the bikini with the weight gain. She still looks great.

  • bre

    umm amber i love u n all but ima need u to hit up the gym ma before its too late!

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  • another reason to hate kanye --- bringing this ho from just another bi-b!tch, putting her mouth on coochies and d!cks with equal vigor for a meal, to "celebrity" status ...

    and the tacky b!tch has not evolved ONE IOTA —- same old low life nort philly ho

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    cute kini :)

  • Oooh Weee!!

    I agree w Raina… She’z obviously still n the procezz of slimming back down, but she’z getting there.

    (And I’ve seen WAY worse-looking chickz shove their fat a..ssez n a ‘kini & walk it out – pluz she’z on vacay, so I ain’t mad at her… three minutez of fame left, and she’z enjoying it!! XD XD )

  • the One

    She’s prego!

    • Kevin O

      And I’d love to be the Pappy…compliments of my Amber Hose!

  • jasmin

    Even with the weight gain, her body looks nice & she seems healthy. Its those tattoos I hate. Hope she invests some of that hush money into laser removal.

  • LePetite

    She still looks good but she needs to lose another 7lbs.

  • shawamar

    WTF????? These are the 1st pics I have ever seen of her that I do not like. She looks like str8 up white trash..

  • Daisy Jay

    Maybe it’s the YEAST *gag*

  • Cali335

    She looks like Amber’s sister. They look similar. They both wear the same hair style and color.Their kind of hard to tell apart.

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