Mya Is Pretty In Pink In Vegas

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Mya hosted the night at Haze Nightclub at Aria Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Mya hosted a party at Haze Nightclub at Aria in Vegas this weekend looking like a banger in a lil pink one-shoulder number.

Peep more pics below:



  • ReallyNotINterested

    I’m not feeling Mya. Then again, I don’t like yellow females!

    • Judah

      Going kinda hard there bruh… I understand your point but come on dude.

  • Judah

    She bad…


    i like her, but her 90s style doesn’t seem to ever change.

    • CoCo Muffen

      I agree she needs a stylist or a new one if she has one already she’s a pretty girl with a banging body. and that dress looks a lil cheap #justsaying

  • Glok ... She Simply Delicious!


  • Daisy Jay

    She always looks nice. Doesn’t seem to age either.

  • Nana

    More music less skin!

  • chaka1

    I think she look s flawless. I would like to see her experiment with some new hairstyles…

  • Oooh Weee!!

    I’ve alwayz been a Mya fan… She’z not the best singer, but she’z one of the handful who can give Ci-error a run 4 the money when it comez 2 dancing…

    She lookz fab here!

  • Michael

    My first crush…..she’s still fine :)

  • Michael

    Why in the blue hell has this woman not been wifed up ?

    • Truth

      I guess you missed my 1st post,read it again.

    • Natalia

      @ TRUTH: Damn it sounds like you are talking about your mother right there. If you haven’t bagged Pam Anderson or Mya, then you need to STFU with this mess.

    • Truth

      @Natalia, i know the truth is hard to stomach,but hey…deal with it.

  • J-BYRD

    she is so pretty…wonder why rappers just want to bang and not put her on their lp’s….just saying

    • Truth

      Bcuz she’s part of the hoe club,just like Kim.K, Claudia.J and the list goes on. Good looking women with a damage reputation that only rappers,dumb pro athletes will date but NEVER wife up.

      Here some good example of good looking women doing their homeworks :Salma Hayek, Melania Trump, Katherine Zeta Jones,Elin.N and i may have missed a couple but you get the point.

  • Ejay

    The finest woman in R&B!

  • good

    she is pretty what do you expect her mom is italian american n her dad is african american

  • Allie

    So beautiful

  • carmen

    Lol mya this ugly and stupid u kno better were are ur not like the back in 1999!

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