Rihanna Loses The Sideshow Bob Flaming Red Wig And Goes Back Short…

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rihanna in la short red hair cut

Here is lil RihRih out in La La Land this past weekend showing off her long legs and a new short haircut.

Are you feelin this look???


  • http://2centtab.blogspot.com Judah

    Ri Ri has a an elegant style when she is not in wilding out. Very beautiful young lady.

    • You dont know?

      She taded in one wig for another. This one is slightly more realistic but not by much.

    • You dont know?


    • Sara

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  • uhohitslelani

    It looks very wiggy. Not cute

    • Mrs. Rance

      Yup. It looks like she is wearing it over an afro. Its too poofy.

  • JayJay Growlings

    she’s startn to look old.. body still bangin tho!!

  • ebonyblonde


  • Shanice

    Can’t keep up with all these wigs. Co-sign with @JayJayGrowlings. She’s starting to look old.

  • Chocolat

    go back to the black pixie cut!

  • Brooklyn

    i didnt read the article but that jacket is tough

  • pluto

    not hating but she’s missing sumthing she is is starting to look washed up

  • MsBossip

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  • Getem

    Looks fine to me.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    The jacket is fierce however,this getup together makes her look like an old,uppity middle age woman,ugh! lol

  • http://bossip Glow

    No its no better than the long one…Ham…but bodyguard looks fab

  • Nana

    I don’t blame her, all the sense has been knocked outta her head wit that Punch!

    She needs time to recover from that azz whoopin! Lmaoo

    • Malcolm X


  • Malcolm X

    Poor thang doesn’t look HAPPY…but she is the only girl in the WORLD!!lol

  • Ms ParKer

    Now She LooKs Like “I Love LuCy”

  • agree

    Normally I don’t like her or her hair but she actually looks fresh to me i like those shoes

  • seriously?

    Im not fan of hers but I have to disagree I think she looks fresh and I luv those shoes

  • Xclusive

    @nana, we all know rihanna can take a PunCh get over it, u & lucy are a non mutha f*ckin factor, team cb

  • tommykimon

    Looks waaay better than before. I was not feeling the sideshow bob hair.

  • trying ?

    Don’t like this chick but she looks fresh tossled hair is hot on rih give me those shoes luv a nude heel

  • idc

    Not gonna hate she looks good

  • Ms_504GV

    Good for her. She dressed better to me in short hair.

  • Nana

    @Xclusive wat did I do? LMAO am TeamCB too ahahahahhahaahahaa

  • slimpickens

    This young lady still looks young and fresh. I do not like her music because she sounds like cats hollering in heat but one thing has nothing to do with the other.

  • Aries79

    Not one of her best looks but 
    still cute

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