Ladies Of The Playoffs: NBA Wives And Girlfriends We’ll See In The Post-Season

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vanessa bryant

Vanessa Bryant

Husband – Kobe Bryant

Team – L.A. Lakers

Nobody in the NBA can guard Kobe like Vanessa does. She keeps all the ladies away and has a vice grip on Kobe’s nards. It’s amazing that he can even shoot.


  • Hi HO!

    *Getting Her^^^

  • Meme

    Imma go wit Vanessa Bryant because her hubby has the most mulah and is the sexiest! She always has the girls on point too during the Finals!

    • frank white

      you think so? you’re wack!

  • JayJay Growlings

    “voldermort costumes” , “name one”

  • leilani

    Lol its funny how wives think they can keep other women from their husbands… the only difference between a basketball husband and a Walmart employee husband is the job…. if that man wants to cheat or be in the company of another woman, he will….

  • WHAT!

    Hoops outfit makes me sick! It’s cheap as all get out and her make-up is horrid. Makes me mad cause she’s a pretty girl! Photo shop gone all the way wrong!!!

  • WHAT!

    they coulda used a better pic of LA LA that one look terrible! Bad weave and all!

    • derek.d


      Weave? Does Lala even have a head? I was a bit distracted by those voluptuous sweater cows she had on display…

      Oh…and Dwight Howard? #winning That chick is gorgeous.

  • whodat

    No, that’s just the way Lala looks. She does not have a very nice shape. I don’t know if it was the baby or what but she fell apart.

  • YoungObama

    Eva Eva!! Damn Tony but hey I guess the saying is true “Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a man that’s tired of fu*king her”

  • ProudLatina

    I love Nessa! I just do.

  • 80's girl

    Wish I was Derrick Rose wife :-) …..Go Bulls!!!!!!

  • SayWhat

    Khloe K looks mixed in that picture. Gotta love her

  • true

    Vanessa B is my fav wife. The others are a joke. Since when is Hoepz Shacs wife?? These titles were all a mess.

  • ellegirl

    I thought this list was supposed to be full of white women? According to racist/sexist BW this list shouldn’t have anyh chocolate. All I saw was one mestiza and a half Armenian white girl in the non-blk crowd. Eva Longoria doesn’t count…

  • Real Issh

    Oh Naw , Dwight Howard has to drop that b*tch .

    • My2Cent

      Co-sign. She just looks immature in that photo.

      The only thing missing is her blowing a bubble with bubble-gum.

    • super steph!

      haha she played bball at my d9 college

  • frank white

    your list is wack. Tyra Banks and Eva. Whoever composed this list eat deeeeeez! Try again

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