Hi Hater: Natalie “Chin” Nunn To Amber Rose.. You Can Have My Sloppy Seconds” You Fake B*tch!

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Another day, another ridiculous Twitter beef. Jump off and “Bad Girl’s Club” star Natalie Nunn was throwing shade at the bald headed beast over Wiz…again!

Natalie kicked things off by claiming:

Natalie tweets about Amber's flower

And went on to tweet several pictures of her and Wiz together along with comments about sitting on Wiz’s face and questions like “How I taste?”

Super Classy right?

Amber Rose responded saying: Amber Rose says she knows where Natalie lives

To which Natalie reponded:

Natalie says of course your man knows where i live

To which Amber gave the only response she could:

Amber responds saying Natalie has issues

Natalie wasn’t content to leave things there. Rather than take the blame for the beef, she took to Ustream to claim that Amber started the fight days ago…

SMH. Meanwhile, Natalie has reportedly moved on to Rihanna’s cousin Teejay. Ridiculous.

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