Coupled Up: Natalie “Hook Chin” Nunn Spotted Out With RihRih’s Cousin “Tee-Jay”

- By Bossip Staff

Natalie Nunn Out To Lunch At Toast With Rihanna's Cousin Tee-Jay

Natalie Nunn and her new boo “Tee-Jay” (who happens to be Rihanna’s cousin)…were seen strolling around LA after getting lunch at Toast.

According to Radaronline, Natalie andthis Tee-Jay character are pretty serious and Rihanna is heated. The two are allegedly heading to Barbados in the near future so that she can meet the entire fam. SMH.

Peep more pics of the brand new Ms. and Mr. Mac Tonight below:


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    • Greeneyez0712

      Whatever you say about her……You have to admit….This chick has got GAME!!!!!!

    • niinacni8

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  • nana

    What does Tee tee do 4 a living??

  • yaya

    Lmao @ nana he is rig rig cousin for a living lol

  • Juliemango

    @ nana he is living as re res cousin. So nat is over wiz now???

  • JenB

    “Being RihRih’s cousin is how he’s making a living”!!! I swear that s**t is funny! If there is a famous name anywhere on the family tree that heffa can smell em out! LMAO!!!

  • exact

    uuh why is she with this dude being rhi rhi cousin prob isnt tht profitable….I dont see any chemistry, as a matter of fact looks like a gay friend….

  • pluto

    tru…..he really looks like a gay freind and why is this relevant this trickk musta run out of rapperss

  • angie

    Who is Natalie Nunn??? I’m sorry! I just don’t know.

  • KKO

    Natalie Nunn is Jay Lenos daughter. And this Tee Tee is a nobody. Boy how we know you really Rihanna cousin? She was better off with The Wiz.

    • sexisherene

      lol@ jay leno’s daughter.

  • SMH

    does Rihanna have her bank account in Dude’s name or something b/c this relationship doesn’t make sense…

  • http://prettysweetdonyah nicole

    she isn’t important

  • ignoranceisbliss

    This chicks chin is very distracting and not in a good way.

  • Steelcitychick

    @Imeh love meh… her chin left the set 4 seasons ago…her body and brain are still trailing behind and haven’t realized that she’s irrelevent!…lol!

  • Sidney

    Scream mask face

  • ellegirl

    Hold… wasn’t Natalie Nunn talkin about Rihanna deserved to get her ‘A’ whooped & was crazy? Not to mention the fact that she has “allegedly” messed around w/ Chris Brown??? What does Rihanna think of this?

  • Tellmesomethinggood

    You guys are hilarious! This girl really gets around though! Let’s see who she will be “linked” to next week, or tomorrow!

  • starlight

    A believe the only fault u fools can spot on her is her chin,can any of u posting about her chin please tell me if u are perfect anD don’t have nothing that’s imperfect. She was born that way and don’t have no control over her chin and if any of u have a problem with that u know who made her(God) talk to him********even thou I don’t like her

    • Mikail

      Yo I will give her her props, her body is BANGIN! but that chin is g@ng bangin. She could do a drive-by with that thang lmao

  • imchillin

    She should put her wasteline on a milk carton because I can’t find it


    @ Starlight
    Aside from the chin the bytche is ugly. She’s a h o e. The bytche slept around on the bad girls club. Let’s not forget about her sexual escapes AFTER the show! Oh and let’s not forget she constantly puts her business out there for the public to view so we can’t possibly make this ish up.

    I guess Natalie is slummin it (like her counterpart Amber Rose). Tee Jay is a non factor. I doubt he has enough dough to pay for lunch.

  • Yeah" Whatever' You say!

    Tee-Jay looks a little Geeezay if you ask me aint nothing going on,but two females walking down the street.

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