What The Hell: Death-Mobile Mama Updated Her Facebook Status Before Driving Kids To Drowning Deaths

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Lashanda Armstrong

This is a damned shame.

Before driving her car into the Hudson River, drowning herself and three young kids, mother of four Lashanda Armstrong made sure to update her Facebook friends on the trifling mission she’d decided to embark on.

A little less than 30 minutes before purposefully driving her minivan off a pier with her four children inside, Lashanda Armstrong updated her Facebook status from her Blackberry: “I’m sorry everyone forgive me please for what I’m gonna do… This is it!!!”

Lashanda Armstrong

What would you do if you saw a message like that in your news feed?

Do you think this was her last minute attempt to get some help?

This case is so heartbreaking, we can’t stop thinking about those poor babies.



  • wendy

    This story is extremely sad. I feel sorry for the babies and the family…honestly, I’m not sure what I would do if I saw that on my facebook news feed, if she is one of those friends who scream for attention I might ignore it but if that’s a comment out of her character than I would call/text her saying is everything okay….my thoughts and prayers goes out to the family.

    • chaka1

      This story exemplifies why mental health counseling is needed so badly in black community…

      I cry every time I this story…

  • jag

    This is the problem in todays society nobody wants to get involved in anyone else’s business. They see a mother who has clearly lost her mind and is behaving erratically, but they turn a blind eye and say its not my business. When the inevitable happens everyone acts shocked. People need to read the signs and act before its too late.

    • Red Girl

      You hit the nail on the head! Not only do people do not want to get involved, but they insist that she was a “good” mother who was going through some things. First of all, if she was obviously overwhelmed, maybe her so called friends and family should have stepped in to evaluate if everything is ok. The sad truth is, mothers killing their children is not as uncommon as we may think. Of course, only the major horrific stories get the headlines, but it happens all the time, and if people would just stop excusing stange and dusturbing behavior, comments, and actions, maybe this could be prevented more.

  • Ash

    Doesn’t really sink in until you actually think about those babies fighting for their last breaths. To commit suicide and take the lives of your own children is something that only God know’s…My heart goes out to the surviving 10 year old. My prayers are are going up.

  • Matix B

    Hell NO! She has the wherewithal to update her flipping Facebook status? Who does that? She was either sick in the head or very much sane and spiteful.

  • http://www.makeida.com R&B Singer

    I don’t know how any mother could ever do this to her children. I mean, maybe she was mentally unwell? You can’t rule that out. Social Services should have helped her before this happened. Or at least there needs to be a better procedure in place to help mothers who can’t cope.

  • MIzzSWtyFAce

    I thought I was done with this topic…so she decided to go on FB seeking attention and HELP. What was wrong with her beau, the father of the children? I’m afraid I’m not understanding?!!? Regardless of his cheating, where they the parents of at least three of the children. And she couldn’t reach out to him and express this.

    People often gloss over such things because ideally it is believe that people that say such things are just seeking attention.

    I like to hear the father’s account of ALL of this…this is disheartening!

    • Trisha

      From what I read, she kicked her boyfriend out the house. He was the father of the last 3 kids. She told the daycare provider that he was not allowed to pick up the kids anymore & she wouldn’t let him see the kids when he would come to the house or ask her family members. I understand she was hurt by his actions, but he wanted to be there for his kids but b/v of the grudge she had against him, she wouldn’t let that happen. I think they said before she drove into the river she said something like if he won’t be there for me, he won’t be there for you guys or something of that nature. She could have left the kids w/ him & did what she needed to do (not to sound cold hearted). Those babies were probably crying and fighting to breathe. smh

  • MIzzSWtyFAce


  • bowings my head to pray, lending myself to help

    All the man is gonna say is ” I told y’all she crazzy, she put me out, she ran me off, would let me see my kidz, she wouldn’t act right, kept talking that shut so I left! He will never say I should taken control in any manner or form.

    Cheating will affect the emotional well- being of a parent. Especially those dumping their
    responsibility to go do it. Most of the time dudes buying drinks in the club with the nicest rides got raggdy house, worse lawn, raggdy kids and fat babymama/wife. And they tip good!

  • JayJay Growlings


    • sommer


  • imtruelyme83

    so sad…why kill yourself and the children over something so stupid..There were other ways to solve the issues.

  • Matix B

    What does this even have to do with her husband anyway? He could have been the worst man in the universe, still doesn’t justify her killing her BABIES. The selfish witch put her needs and emotions first before anyone else’s, especially her children. She knew it was a mistake at the last second and I believe she regretted her actions until her last breath. GOD bless those babies and the child that survived.

  • Real Thang

    Black women are less likely to admit to having depression and much less try to get help.
    We need to do outreach to more women like this one and maybe, just maybe we might save a life.

    • kenba

      I totally agree with you people ned to seek help. But sometimes they dont know where help is. So they turn to friends and family who make the situation worse. May God be with her and her children. IIts a sad day when women the backbone of the society loss hope.

    • rene

      Where would a person get help?
      Where would the person get the funds to pay for help?

  • big c

    the son said his mother told him I made a mistake I made a mistake . She knew what she had did was wrong in that last moment of her life . I feel as though she allowed the hate and anger from dealing with life and her children father to get to her. We all have at some point lost it and did something that we regret later own after we calmed down. What she did was so wrong but in that last minute she knew the truth . I say this only god can judge her he knows her heart and what drove her to that point . We never know when it is our time to leave this earth and at what age . Everything works in god plan so does death by a fall or car crash or even the hands of a love one . For those young children you are at peace with Jesus. To be absent from the body is to present with the lord . I can only imagine what they are seeing and doing right now in heaven in gods presence .

  • Bloodshot Third Eye

    A white dude in Texas basically just did the same thing a day or two ago. Posted on facebook for forgiveness right before he strangled his two kids to death. Live in a sick world.

  • wisdom

    This is sad. I couldn’t see myself taking my life or anybody else’s. But this girl really needed help. I just wish she would of seeked help or at least dropped off her kids before she did something like this..

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