What The Hell: Death-Mobile Mama Updated Her Facebook Status Before Driving Kids To Drowning Deaths

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Lashanda Armstrong

This is a damned shame.

Before driving her car into the Hudson River, drowning herself and three young kids, mother of four Lashanda Armstrong made sure to update her Facebook friends on the trifling mission she’d decided to embark on.

A little less than 30 minutes before purposefully driving her minivan off a pier with her four children inside, Lashanda Armstrong updated her Facebook status from her Blackberry: “I’m sorry everyone forgive me please for what I’m gonna do… This is it!!!”

Lashanda Armstrong

What would you do if you saw a message like that in your news feed?

Do you think this was her last minute attempt to get some help?

This case is so heartbreaking, we can’t stop thinking about those poor babies.



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