Kimmy Cakes Shows Us Her Spanx…

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Kim Kardashian outside the Fox 5 studios in New York City

Kimmy Cakes accidentally revealed her secret weapon while exiting a Manhattan television studio yesterday.

Kim Kardashian accidentally flashes her Spanx outside Fox 5 studios in New York City

Shocker! She wears spanx. Who knew???

The reality star reportedly told the press recently that she “can’t wait” to marry that Kris Humphries guy.

Ummmmmmmmm isn’t that how she drove Reggie away?

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  • Lisa

    Honey kim has said many times that she wears spanx that’s why she said people think that she has a fake butt and all this other stuff but she is jiggly and has cellulite like everyone else but her savior in it all are her spanks, she said the same thing about her boobs plus she excrcises like crazy.

  • daresay

    lol…So her thighs rub together when she’s walking?? I thought the problem was only peculiar to fat women.

  • BritishGirl

    It could be one of those body suits you have wear after lipo?

  • ReallyNotINterested

    Why is this site obsessed with Kim K? If she would have never dated a black man nobody on this site would even care about her. This crap website creates articles about her because they want to start some trouble between black men and women. And, sadly enough, idiots take the bait and engage in heated exchanges about a woman who could care two cents what you think! Sad.

    • Imari

      You said it!!!

  • KKO

    Yeah dat a** is real if she gotta go through all that. Cellulite removal and spanx etc.

  • LuVn_liFe

    whats with all the bruising and sores/pimples on her left arm???

  • yungplex

    If yall ninjas dont like that, yall is gay.

  • wack

    shes has to mold all that fat they injected into her with a girdle thats sad at only 30 it should be in place it it was real !!!!! wack ill take a real thick chick anyday

  • super steph!

    she should have gone w/out the spanx…im sure her back would have looked fine, but theyre cutting into her tummy

  • currvalicious

    She just wants a smoothed out look while wearing a fitted dress. What’s wrong w/that? Everyone’s so up in arms about nothing, spanx just helps give u a nice sillouette.

  • Doublestuff

    Agree with currvalicious I’m curvy and clothes aren’t always made for girls with a small waist big wide hips and big backs : ) so spanxs simply help out lord everyone it’s just one female in this large work stop gettin all worked up on a pic

  • Juliemango

    Kimmie looks jus as nice in red as ri ri does!!!

  • von

    So what. BLAH BLAH BLAH

  • d

    If women want to wear the proper foundation garmets, so be it….trust there are some out there that NEED to wear them: foundation garmets, and don’t…..We all need a little help sometimes…so next unimportant story…

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