Kimora And Her Love Muffin Djimon Hounsou Spend Quality Family Time At The Celebrity Grand Prix Race

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Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou take photos with baby at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Celebrity Race.

Kimora Lee Simmons and baby Kenzo (who is getting so big) supported Daddy Djimon at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Celebrity Race.

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou take photos with baby at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Celebrity Race.

Awwww…they’re such a handsome and loving family. Check out more images below:



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    Oooh that’s a real black baby. Although I can see his asian genes in his hair. Full black children generally don’t start growing hair at his age.

    • schoolteacher7

      Black babies are generally born with a head full of hair. I had a HUGE curly afro at 6 months old!

    • I want to breed for an asian man

      Then explain to me why his father doesn’t have hair. And don’t say he went to the barber. He just doesn’t grow hair just like his African brethren Seal.

    • JustAshley

      @I want to breed for an asian man
      Honey, your kind of ignorance scares the bejesus out of me. *shuddering*

    • lala

      @Iwant tobreed
      It’s called shacing his head you idiot. God I hate stupid people.

    • lala


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  • leilani

    Wow.. that is a beautiful man!!!! He may not have the enormous pockets like Russell Simmons, but she sure upgraded in the looks dept… plus, Djimon’s pockets were swollen when she got with him..their son is gorgeous also…

  • Mama

    What black baby doesn’t have hair at 2? :/

  • Nana

    That baby boy is gonna b a heartbreaker……! Cute kid

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Awwww..looks just like Kimora with Djimon’s chocolaty complexion..nice!!! Loving the curls :D

    • shizz

      you must be blind first of this kid doesnt even have his father skin colour and second he doesnt look like kimora

      But hes def cute

  • Franny

    Can someone plz cut that boy’s hair.

  • LimeDyme

    Cute child and you can see the love for his daddy! (@limedyme)

  • veryfunny

    That boy Kenzo is a real cutie.

  • kelz

    Yall are some ignorant self hating clowns…ijs

    • SugarSpice

      @kelz I couldn’t agree with you more. Smdh

  • E

    i felt sick to my stomach when i read those ignorant comments…just down right sad people make a big deal over skin complexion… i think they are an attractive family…

  • Daisy Jay

    Kenzo is huge already! And he looks so much like his father, I barely seem Kimora in him. The genes must be SUPER strong because Kimora’s other kids look like a couple of asians! But anywho, the family is great and they’re now one of my favorite celeb couples.

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  • JustAshley

    I love this couple. Baby Kenzo is getting big!!! Look at all that hair!

  • uhohitslelani

    I’m happy she didn’t have a daughter with him because Kimora would be upset that she came out that dark. And that would be traumatizing for the baby

  • bouyant

    oh my, i want that baby, he is so cute kissable, I’ll make my own soon

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