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Kanye’s “808s & Heartbreak” listening party went down Tuesday night in L.A. and Bossip was in the building to witness first-hand the musical mystery that is Mr. West. The album is almost ENTIRELY singing. No cameras were allowed and to make sure some buff jughead fools were roughing up people who did snap shots. During the listening were 40 booty-hole NAKED, bad females just posted up and posing and ish. Jay-Z,, and Officer Ross were in attendance.

Here’s Yeezy’s thank you speech where he talks about his

undying love for autotune, and the color pink.

Although the jugheads were in full effect, we still copped an exclusive pic, take a gander below.

More coverage of the event below

The event was a collaboration with Italian Designer Vanessa

BeeCroft who supplied the “visuals” to go with Mr. West’s album. We we’re

told that we couldn’t bring cameras or take photos, which we didn’t

understand until we stepped foot in that joint. Check the recap:

The art gallery was “decorated” with 40 naked models comprised of both

black and white chicks standing/walking around, wearing only faux lamb’s

wool masks and afro wigs. The album is almost sung entirely in auto-tune, in which during his thank you speech to the attendees he said, “it’s the funnest thing ever.” Only a few tracks include any actual rapping – a guest feature from Young Jeezy on a song titled, “Amazing”, and a duet with Weezy F. Baby.

The album ends with a song penned for his late mother called “Coldest

Winter.” He took the stage after the album played and described how this

album needed to be released now, as it’s a true expression of his

“freedom.” He also revealed that he will be dropping another album in June in case you don’t like his vocal stylistics.


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